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Does anyone know any cheats for

I was wondering if there was any cheats for coins on i dont think so but im guessing that someone else knows one!! please help if you can!!!

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    go on 1 computer to the flags,then stop.log on all the way on a different computer and buy something,then log off that 1.go on fully in the 1 with the flags and u will hav ALL YOUR MONEY AND WAT U BOUGHT!

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    On the new mission to get a letter, you make a fishing pole out of the rope and a ski you find in a bush. (easily spotted) pick off oberry off the oberry bush and use that for bait. also to make the black puffle start the fire.

    In the dance club on the right of where the DJ stands is a speaker and when you walk threw it, you end up in the boiler room.

    Head Quarters is located in the last changing room in the sport shop. To Become a secret agent click on the gold m.

    4 coins!!!

    finish the jet pack game and receive $ coins

    finish the coffee game and receive mega coins!!$$$

    finish the cart surfing game doing massive and coolio tricks!

    Source(s): we are masters of clubpenguin! look for piratem and chubycheecs and we will give you more answers!!
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    go to my profile. there is a question there i just answered, titled anyone know any realy good cheats for club pengun? just like that. my answer... see.

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    go to google .com

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