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for those in the military, a nice question?

what do you think of this ,it's the new f-35 which is supposed to be the u.s airforces's new plane. i have studied its desgn and frame work ,its an exact copy of the mig 21 series, just like the f-22 raptor is a copt of the mig 29 series. what do you think?

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    your right you know, the u.s do copy soviet planes as they don't have the technology to better them, they been asking pilots by bribeing them in four wars to bring them back soviet planes so they can copy thier technology since the u.s dont have it

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    My contention is that the F35 is more like the Mig 29 that the 21.

    As you probably know, the US has a Mig25, Mig 21, and a Mig 29...the latest , the Mig 29 was stolen by a soviet defector and flown to the US. Most of the Mig 21's refinements were taken from the old F16 and F17, the Mig 21 was first introduced in 1955 and there have been 15 consequent models and in reality, the Mig 21 was a refined version of the US F86 Saber jet!

    The F35 is constructed in two configurations CTOL and VTOL.

    The 29 is and was considered the most advanced (yet not a stealth) fighter jet in any air wing as an interceptor, but not as a hit and run fighter!

    Although the F22 Raptor in my humble opinion is by far the superior on one and interceptor!

    Semper fi


    BTW, Jessica, I have noticed the same pattern, and I have only been here for 2 weeks!!

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    I think you got MIG's so much on the brain your seeing things! The F-35 in no way resembles a MIG-21 or any other MIG for that matter. Neither does the F-22 have any resemblance to a MIG of any type. Both aircraft have tiny radar cross sections while the MIG's are massive. It should be noted for your information that the MIG-29 and the SU-27 both took elements of the F-14 and F-18 designs and put them in their aircraft not the other way around. You should look at production dates of airplanes and you will see that the Russians always copied the American plane not the other way around.

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    We didnt copy the designs from MiGs. These planes have been in development for years. There are alot of planes that look a little like another. There are only so many decent designs. The MiG-29 looks more like the F-18 Hornet. I doubt you are an expert from looking at pictures online.

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    Exact copy? That would mean that the Russian security sucks if the US got an exact copy. They both have some of the same similarities. Many NATO jets look alike. No telling which one was on the drawing board first. Which of your other ID are going to enter and win best answer.

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    How many times are you going to ask this question? Just pick w.m.d.'s_bro like you always do so you two can keep giving the other person 10 points. Don't forget to write something in your comments about how 'brilliant an observation' it was by him.

    Don't forget, tomorrow's a school night.

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    Cool planes. LOL I'm talking about the F22 and F35. HMMMMMMMM wonder who will win this one (HINT, LOOK ONE POST ABOVE THIS ONE) or one below if he slides on in at the last second. And all those thumbs down. There is only one thumb up. You should get all your buddies (in your head) to give you lots of thumbs up before you resolve. Again. I love the F22 and F35.

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    You can't avoid similarities and people learn from other people. Some cars today have similarities with the cars of two decades ago. Some cars from other countries look similar to the cars in one country and vice-versa.

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    I have much respect for Russian engineering but if by "exact copy" you mean "totally different" than yes!

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    it can also be called the JSF, joint strike fighter. they have made one for all of the military branches. the one for the marines can take off straight up. its after burner can be move up and down. they did this so when they need to get out quick they can and it doesnt take forever to taxi out and they dont really need a runway.

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    You don't strike me as a very good aeronautical engineer. Your analyses are so far off the mark as to make me suspect you're just being facetious.

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