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If you were throwing a teen a masquerade birthday party.....what activities would you have?

My daughter wanted one...and I have no idea what to's her Sweet Sixteen....what should I do?

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    oooh, a sweet sixteen! well, first there should be dancing. LOTS of dancing. consider renting a DJ, or having a close friend run a music stand, where kids can make requests. Next, food is mandatory. I mean, you're talking about a group of teens; they WILL get hungry! try to include junk food, that kind of thing really boosts a party atmosphere. lastly, try not to worry about things! if teens are at a party, they are most likely to start their own games, like spin-the-bottle, what-would-you-rather, etc. good luck!

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    I am 16 years old so i suppose i could answer your question. U should make it a dance masquerade party. Hire a DJ, book a place, and just serve pizza and sandwiches. Allow her to invite 100 of her friends. If u have money to spend hire a party planner.

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    I would have all the people who are invited come in costumes.i went to one recently, it was at a country club. You gotta have food,music preferably live, ex. a local rock band, entertainment, the one i went ot had a belly dancer show, you have to have a dance area, photo taking, and of course a cake and singing happy birthday. i'm sure the teens won't get bored.

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