Can anyone tell me why people hate Mormans so much??

I'm a "morman" and I have seen and heard alot of people they hate Mormans. WHy is this so? I think they hate Mormans more than any other religion. Can someone please explain this to me??

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    Ignorance and the general tendency of people to fear what they don't understand. Most people really don't know much about the Mormon faith, and see Mormons as secretive. And most don't realize that many of the people around them are Mormon... and are actually friends with them...

    I was lucky enough to discover this when I was young - like 17 or 18. Was in a car or something with a couple of friends/coworkers. I made a comment about Mormons for some reason - and one of them (I can still picture him oddly) said something like, er I'm a Mormon... totally changed my perception.

    Personally I really like and respect Mormons. I've had several as friends, and have even considered converting.

    I like that they tend to be honest, friendly and kind. From my experience they also usually practice what they preach, there is far more hypocrisy in the behavior of other religious members in my opinion.

    Oh, and they really take care of their own...


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    I don't think Mormans are hated more than other religions. But from what I've heard, people sometimes dislike mormans because of the strict Big Brother type society that happened when the Mormans moved to Salt Lake City. People were forced to marry, were not allowed to drop out of the religion, were murdered if they did not obey, and people continue to put up fake fronts to be accepted in the Mormon faith instead of being the real person that they are. The church had too much power and abused it against the people, invading privacy by keeping lists of names of people who go to bars, etc.

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    I am not so sure that people hate Mormons, although you being Mormon gives you the inside scoop on things. I believe it is more likely that people are unfamiliar with the practices and "religious" beliefs of the whole Mormon sect.

    As you have seen, I am sure, how people react to different sects and religions, anything that is not their own is either wrong or blasphemous. Most people care very little about other people beliefs and feel threatened sometimes even to the point of hatred. I feel sorry for all the one sided people who act and feel this way and I feel the need to apologize for all the idiots that are treating you bad in any way. If they were to step back and take a hard look they would see that just so happens you are practicing a christian religion not cutting off chicken heads or anything...LOL albeit if that floats your boat....

    It all boils down to this, if you are comfortable with your religion then the heck with all the nay sayers and be proud yet not boastful of yourself and the path in life you are following and pray for all the idiots who have NO CLUE what Mormonism even is.

    YOU have a blessed day!

    Source(s): A life time of tolerance and love for fellow man/woman.....
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    First, everyone thinks their religion is the most hated. Don't let people who hate your religion get to you, especially on here. This site is full of people who only know how to hate.

    Second, I think the problem with the Morman religion is that most people don't understand it. I read an article last month about a girl who would've had to marry the man her parents and leader chose for her, and he already had a wife. Her mom was one of three wives her dad had. That's just weird. People don't understand that. I know not all Mormons are like that, but it only takes one bad apple, you know? The news articles on 60 minutes don't help the religion any. I think it's just that people don't understand it. Give it time, Scientology will be just as hated. It's spreading like wildfire, and it's just a cult. People think Mormons, JWs and Scientology are all cults. I don't know if they are, and I know anyone from those groups goes on the defensive if "cult" is brought up. People just don't get those religions. Check out this website.

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    The Mormons believe their path to Heaven is the only path. They even go so far as to baptize people who have died so their souls can go to Heaven. Not only do they think their religion is THE answer but they send boys on Missions to convert people who aren't LDS. People find the door knocking intrusive. Not just from the Mormons but from any religion. I am offended that a person would come to my home knowing nothing of my faith to explain how my beliefs are erroneous. Mormons go through life in a bubble for the most part. They have limited life experience yet counsel other people on their trials. Some people have a hard time with the religion that is based on one person being able to read gold tablets through special rose glasses. Those may be a few reasons. With that said, most Mormons are nice people with good values. They are only doing what they have been taught since birth.

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    I don't think people "hate" Mormans.

    Christians believe in God and the Holy Bible. Period. We become defensive if someone else comes along (Joseph Smith, Mohamed) and tries to claim there is more.

    When a body of believers follow a human being about what is right and wrong, and what he is teaching is clearly opposed to Bible teaching, we call it a cult.

    Probably they were driven out of communities back in the day because people were afraid they would be punished by God for allowing such anti-Biblical behavior (polygamy) to be allowed in their presence.

    I have some cousins who are Morman, and they seem quite happy to be in their faith. My great-great grandfather led a wagon train of Mormans west to Utah, as a hired guide.

    I got to go to Salt Lake City once, and I'm telling you, the people there were as sweet and friendly as anyone you would care to meet.

    No, no hatred....just respectful distance.

    ...and I think it is Mormon.

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    No one should hate that is wrong. I donot agree with the mormon religion.There are alot of beliefs that go agianst the Bible. They believe that you can save someone from pergatory after thy have died if they were not saved prior to death. There is nothing in the Bible to supprt this in fact there are contradictions to this. Right now I have a cousin who was in a car wreck and for days she lay in the hospital critical not knowing if she would live, they are mormon and her son on a mission could not come home to see his mom.That is wrong and messed up. Hey the military has more compassion than that. I was onc baptized into the mormon church and honestly never felt so dirty in my entire life. I took a very very hot bath and scrubbed my skin raw and prayed for days for forgiveness from Jesus and God. I finally told the mormons to never come to my house again and finally felt alive again. This is a very real experience I had. Sorry I can not believe in somethng that goes against God and Jesus Christ. That does not mean I judge you you have the right to choose sho to believe. Best of luck

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    I actually read somewhere that atheists are the least trusted religious group in the US. Many parents said they would rather their children marry a person of another faith than marry a muslim. Besides everyone is hated by someone somewhere for some reason. I think people of the Jewish faith are the most hated, but very few people would voice that opinion considering all that has happened to them.

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    they are known to be a cult of people that do strange things like baptize the dead? that is a pagan cult idea made up to fake christian faith . Mormon say they Christians in fact they are just a cult in dress to look the part why don't they don't have a cross on their big steeples just a big ugly pointy stick from my apartment i can see besides what the point on baptizing the dead the can't do anything now to free themselves now they are dead.also people do not belong to the church they belong to GOD the true one that created them one of my friends allowed her child go to a "youth function they said under the picture taken. .... ,,,,,, is now ours!" they are very pushy like the devil is when he snatches people from God's flock and makes them join his own flock or something will happen impression CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST THE LATER DAY SAINTS. you if any time will be come staints only if you are good and hold the keys to Jesus's church putting the Lord's to make Fools out of people it not exactily the way to want to go to the cult ways to have as many wives, and children you want with no care in the World at all what happens is SADD!

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    I think most people just think they're weird,there is a difference between believing someone is weird and hating them. I mean I'm sorry but it is a little hard to take them seriously. As for me I don't hate Mormons,and neither does Satan,he says they are so incessantly chipper that they brighten the place up. And he absolutely cannot wait for Marie Osmond,he kind of has a severe crush on her,turns into a real softy when he thinks about her won't torture anybody more than once a day when she's on his mind,it's kind of pathetic really.


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