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Since winter is coming up, will democrats start talking about global cooling?

Have you noticed the big "global warming" issue is almost always talked about in summer?

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  • John
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    1 decade ago
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    Al Gore will be up in arms in other countries bashing America talking about global warming.

    I even heard some tree hugger saying that fakes xmas trees are bad for the envirnoment and we should cut a tree down instead

    How does one explain that?

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    Global warming IS happening, a given, but not for the reasons our liberal science sources, politicians and press are reporting. The majority of scientific studies are now discounting carbon dioxide emitted by motor vehicles (burning of fossil fuels) as the cause. Geological history indicates natural solar cycles are the culprit, something politicians have no power over so they ignore. The real short term danger is in fact a buildup of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, but not carbon dioxide. The real culprit is Methane, a far more potent greenhouse gas, being released into the atmosphere by the decay of Methane Hydrate occurring naturally frozen on the ocean floors, due to the gradual warming of ocean water. Another item our politicians have no control over. Follow the money trail... They promote revenue and power by promoting fear. "We just have to do SOMETHING...You know?"

  • ash
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    1 decade ago

    At least approach global climate change on the basis of a minimal degree of knowledge, stop with the snotty little sound byte talking points.

    But what do you care, it 's not your problem, it's your grandkids who will pay the price for ignoring the issue.

    Saying that we should not try to fix global warming because it is a natural cycle, is like saying that we should not have tornado warnings or flood levees because tornadoes and floods are natural, just let it happen cap'n!!

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    I still think global warming is an issue, just how big I dont know.

    There is something not right when in CT it goes from 30 degrees to 67 degrees and back down to 18 degrees all in the span of three days. So something is off because that is not normal, two 67 degree days in December is rather odd for here.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i'm assuming you at the instant are not a scientist nor any style of researcher in the sector. Any look on the literature on the topic of international warming factors to erratic climate types as examples of international warming. previous that additionally they say that they are uncertain of the right climate outcomes. additionally, there's a difference between climate and climate. Snow isn't conclusive evidence of something.

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    I think Global Warming is B.S.

    Weather records have only been kept for the last 125 years.

    Why are the oil companies interested in serching for oil on the "North Slope"?

    Siberia is suppose to have more oil than all of the oil in the Middle East.

    Oil comes from dead vegetation. Not too much dead stuff up on the North Slope, looks like alot of ice & snow.

    We must of had a few Ice Ages up in that area since it was green.

  • jerry
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    1 decade ago

    My favorite Al Gore moment was when he gave a huge speech about Global Warming in New York, and that night we were hit with one of the worst snowstorms we've seen in a decade.

    Global warming is happening...whether we want it to or not. It is a natural progression of any planet's cycle. The "crisis" is hogwash, and if we tried to alter the natural cycle, the same liberals would be up in arms about how we are ruining the enviroment.

  • 1 decade ago

    Global Warming isn't just about temperatures's about changing weather patterns all over the globe.

    I'm guessing you've just dismissed global warming and not even bothered to read anything about it.

  • ken y
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    1 decade ago

    Stephanie is heating the place up

    i'm cold, think i'll go spray some hair spray out side right now

  • 1 decade ago

    "Global Warming" is so inaccurate. If anything, it should be called "Global Climate Change"...

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