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Does anyone know of any problems associated with Calico Cats?

I have heard that calico cats are prone to some sort of illness - if anyone has any information can you please let me know. I am thinking of getting a calico cat and want to know more about them.

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    I have a calico, 2.5 yrs old. She is very healthy. She is skittish and does not like to be picked up but she will come and sit on my lap, rub my legs, let me pet her, she is very loving. I am told this is common to calicos. My stepson has a calico also. It is the same way. It is 10 yrs old and never sick.

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    I don't think they are prone to any diseases more than cats with other colorations. I have a calico myself and she has never been sick. She too is a little someone else mentioned. Hates being held, but can be petted on HER terms. She can be really lovable at times, but really moody and mean as well. I have heard a lot of people describe their calicos and tortis this way....maybe has something to do with the genetics of them have orange and black coloration.

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    I Never Heard That And That Is The Kind Of Cat I Have.

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