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what should i do for my b-day?

ok i am going to be 22 on tuesday but wanted to do something tonight.. or day.. but here are the problems.. details yadayadyada.. ok so i graduated late meaning i was held back.. and most of my friends are 19 or 20.. so no pubs clubs or bars.. and they all dont have very much cash.. haha but we are going to drink there will be about ten of us .. san diego area.. i cant have a party at my house cus.. i have older roomates that well.. just wont work out and everybody else.. they still live with parents or have same situation or apts. too small blah blah blah.. anyways we were thinking camping but only place to camp.. prob. wont like us drinking.. err. sumthin.. i dunno.. and also take into note there are limited vehicles.. cus we all have dui"s so i mean... were trying to stay some what local.. ok thnks every1..

o yah and i have 300 dollars actually 250.. haha

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    You could consider renting a motel room and sleeping there so you dont have to drive after?

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    1) get a limo(we got a deal $300 for the nite +tip)

    2) find a good club and/or strip club($10-20 to get in)

    3)get some liquor($100-200 depending on what you want to drink)

    4)Go get smashed in the limo on the way to the clubs.

    me and my friends did that the other week for a friend that turned 21. There were 10 of us and we split the limo cost and I ended up spending $70.00 for my share. Which isn't bad considerin we went to a club for a bit then went to a strip club and I was sippin' on Crown n Cokes all nite. It was a blast just crusin in the limo on the way up. So if your planning on spendin 250 then get your friends to throw in $20-40 ea and yall would easily have $450-650.

    I think this is the best b/c no one will have to be DD and you don't have to spend a dime on drinks in the club, since you should be trashed by time you get there.

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