How can I create my own sand art boards?

You know, the adhesive boards that you can peel off sections one at a time to expose the adhesive so that colored sand can be applied to make a picture.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, there are probably other ways, but the one that comes to mind first (** see below for better way) would be to use a repositionable adhesive sheet, (or make your own with repositionable adhesive spray, etc.on one side), or even Contact paper, on top of a permanent adhesive sheet or surface.

    Draw your pattern onto the non-adhesive side of whatever sheeting you decide to use, and apply it to the permanently-adhesive surface.

    Using a sharp Xacto blade (pointed one), or the tip of a single-edge razor blade, cut on the lines of the pattern and through the paper (even if you cut into the surface below a bit, it should be fine once you apply the sand).

    Then peel off each part as you would with commercial versions to add each color of sand.

    You could begin with a photocopy or traced version for your pattern if you want, or just wing it.

    Coloring book images, stained-glass images, or applique images (from books or online) might be good places to look for good patterns too.

    **Or actually.... since the bottom sheet-board would already be adhesive, you could just use a sheet of waxed paper, or freezer paper (silicone side down), or something else that wouldn't stick, as your top sheet instead of trying to make it into something repositionably adhesive...

    Diane B.

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