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In your Walmart, are the people that shop there...?

overweight? big huge girls wearing tiny girl clothes? guys wearing beer stained t-shirts and big baggy sweatpants? little kids with spaghetti sauce smeared on their face?

Just wondering if it's only my Walmart...


I'm no snob, those people could probably buy everything I own, I just notice this is what I see there...

Update 2:

actually i'm from the ghetto, but when I do go to Walmart, it's in the valley, which is why I wanted to know if it was just because it's located there, or maybe no matter where it's located it attracts those kind of people...

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    You paint a very accurate portrayal of 90% of Wal Mart shoppers.

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    I go there to buy stuff like Paper Towel, Toilet Paper, Cat Food, hair spray, things like that. There's a joke that in my town, for fun we go up to Walmart and count how many teeth the people there have. I don't say that but I have heard that a lot. I like Target, myself.

    I have noticed that no matter what Walmart I do go to, I usually see the overweight women with the 80's poof on the front of their heads with mullets in the back and their hair is dyed light blond but the roots are almost black in color. These women are usually in their 40's and still wear the acid wash jeans sometimes. I have no idea why this is, and WHY these people continue with the mullets and/or 80's poof on the front of their heads... And I 'm not making these comments to judge or to make fun of anyone, it's an observation that I have made.

    As for the obese women in tight clothing... I see that too. I am not a tiny person myself and could lose some weight too, but damn, I don't wear stuff that makes my rolls MORE noticeable. I wear stuff that is appropriate AND Cute. You can still look sexy and cute without looking stupid and gross.

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    In addition we also have bums. My wife saw a women pushing a stroller ( from the last century??) through the store with a doll and adding items as she walked. Whew... If money was not such a big issue for me, I would shop elswhere! Seems like Wal-mart is a magnet for low class people!! My point is it takes VERY little money to be clean and neat!! Money is something I don't have much of right now, but at least I have enough self respect to make myself look decent before I go to town! An idea that seems to have been lost to a huge amount of people. I guess maybe I am old enough to have learned a few things from THE OLD SCHOOL way of doing things.......

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    To tell you the truth that appears to be Walmart's target audience. Lets be real, to say that is merely a sweeping generalization, however, the observation appears to be common place. Perhaps it's due to the "low prices" the fact that they also have other services such as a barber shop, they sell groceries, they are usually open 24 hours and the often have pharmacies. Why wouldn't some one in a state of poverty be attracted to those gimmicks that help sustain their basic needs. I tend to shop there from time to tome because I travel and they "sustain my basic needs".

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    absolutely, Walmart attracts the highest caliber of American society. Some folks even drive their double wide (trailers) right up to the door. And they have McDonalds in ours, so Ma and Pa Kettle can also go out for that really nice dinner whilst shopping at the one store that will bring down the entire capitalist society.

    Praise Walmart!

    Everything WM sells is made either in Mexico or China (guess thats why our Walmart here is filled with teeny little Mexican beaners)

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    Its a place for people to buy things they really dont need and things that will end up breaking the next day. I aggree with you completley i remeber going with my mom it was a very hot stick y summery day not a/c and it was jammed pack with people. She just fell to the floor and fainted. She was taking away by the ambulance. It was a night mare She was fine and but, she will never go there again and she sued for 10000 dollars for too many people being in store.

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    There's all kinds of people at my Walmart. Old young fat skinny sloppy clean.

    Everyone goes there because everyone likes to buy cheaply. Why pay 25 dollars for something when you can get it at Walmart for 5 bucks?

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    I actually don't go to the walmart near my home, a security guard was stabbed a few years ago during the holidays........I have been to other wal-marts at the shore and they're not so bad.....where exactly do you live??

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    No, the people at "my" Walmart are not like that. What's with all the questions about Walmart?

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    You must be from Redneck Texas. I am and proud of it.

    Oh and yes my wal mart is that way. But does it really matter?

    If they wanna walk around in public like that, More power to 'em!

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