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What steps should you take to start to take up knitting?

I would like to start, but don't know how.

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    I wanted to learn how to knit too so I searched the Internet with a lot of good sites but they weren't what I needed. So while at Walmart one day, I was getting yarn for crochetting and noticed they had a kit that comes with needles and a few other supplies and a book all for I think $12.00 or so. The book is "I taught myself knitting". I thought what the heck and took it home. That night I was knitting. It was very easy instructions, and very helpful.

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    Are you asking this here because you're going to knit yourself a bf and start dating him?

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    Go to a yarn shop and take some classes.

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    Simple - google it, as 'Knitting cirlces in ....' wherever you live. We have several in my city. Some of them meet in the trendier pubs! They call themselves 'Stitchin' and Bitchin' groups! Good luck.

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    i have no ideea


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