what is a factor please aswer this and i wil be nice to you and answers you questions thanks


in math please anyone i will help you and this is your finall chance

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    A factor, a Latin word meaning 'who/which acts' can refer to:

    A factor (agent), a person who acts for another, notably a mercantile and/or colonial agent

    a factor (Scotland) is a person or firm managing a Scottish estate

    A phenomenon presumed to affect an experiment

    An authentication factor used to identify an object or person;

    In mathematics,

    A coefficient;

    A divisor of a particular number;

    a von Neumann algebra with a trivial center;

    An enzyme, in biochemistry;

    A factor of production, in economics;

    In object-oriented programming, "Functionality, Application domain, Conditions, Technology, Objects and Responsibility;"

    The Factor programming language

    Human factors refers to cognitive ergonomics.

    In finance, a factor (finance) is an entity which advances finance against receivable.

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    I don't g to your school, sorry. It's not Heartland Elem. I can't give the name out (parents won't let me).

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