Does anyone have any ideas for homemade Christmas gifts?

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    One of the prettiest things we have is something that my aunt made several Christmases ago. You take a jar that looks like a baby jar, only it's a little more round. Add dried flowers and your choice of scent. Use a white lace dollie around the lid, and cut small holes. Tie the dollie with a red ribbon. There is scent for awhile. After the scent is gone, it's still pretty. Another idea (smaller catalogs / phone books work best): Take individual pages and, from the bottom right corner of the page, turn them up to make triangles. Make each page as even and perfect as possible. As you get near the end of the book, regardless of thickness, the making of the triangle will be harder because of the thickness--don't give up. Stand it on a newspaper and spray paint them dark green. Add a touch of white snow from a spray can. Get wire ornament hangers and poke them through the small styrofoam spray painted Christmas balls. Poke the hangers gently through your tree. For added flare, find a colorful Christmas-theme pillow case for the tree skirt. Use various colors of construction paper and make small boxes. Decorate them with ribbon for "the presents" to place all around the tree.

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    A scrapbook. You can get all kinds of ideas at in the gallery sections. There are all kinds of things you can alter too, like tin lunch boxes for a recipe book, or wooden letters for the wall. People feel extremely special when they receive these gifts. I made a scrapbook for my mother in law that was 2"X3" and she thought it was the most wonderful thing in the world and went around showing it to everyone. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

    Source(s): I am a scrapbooker. :)
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    If you can bake I suggest quick breads. You can bake them in foil containers and then wrap them in celophane and put a bow on top.

    If you can't bake you can get some jars or plastic cake decorating cones (Wilton makes some) and make some "layered" cookie or brownie mixes.

    Wrap ribbons around the cones or put pretty material over the jar tops with rubber bands, then cover the rubber bands with ribbons.(this is a good way to cover recycled jars - one year I used spaghetti sauce jars and christmas fabrics, and they looked great.)

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    My family doesn't buy gifts, we make everything. And what we make depends on our strengths.

    Last year one of my sisters wrote a song about her Christmas memories and another sister put it to music and they played it after dinner and gave us all copies they made on a computer.

    One of my brothers made us jam. Another brother carved wooden goblets for everyone.

    One sister paints and made cards for everyone.

    I'm not good at cooking or singing or painting, but I try to find something easy to do.

    This year I'm making wreaths. I purchased wreath forms (grapevine and straw an some kind of thin twiggy stuff) and ribbon and little ornaments for each siblings interest.

    I'm wrapping the ribbon around the wreath and adding a bow or a little decoration or both depending on what I think looks good.

    One of my brothers and his wife are into bird watching, so I'm doing a twig wreath with green and gold ribbons and instead of a bow I put some pheasant feathers and a little birds nest at the bottom.

    One of my sisters like black and maroon so I spraypainted a straw wreath black and wrapped maroon ribbon around it and make a big bow.

    They aren't that fancy, but it shows that I think of them and that's what really matters.

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    unique warm Cocoa- get diverse combination recipes off the internet. put in a mason jar and beautify with a peppermint stick tied to the lid. Cookie blend in a jar- layer dry components to a cookie recipe right into a mason jar. seems so lovable. Use a recipe that has a type of textured components to get some version in top and color interior the jar (walnuts, chocolate chips, and so forth). Tie the guidelines (with training to function the moist components) to the lid. Merry CHRISTmas!!

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    I make hand-designed/personalized ornaments, napkin rings, trinket boxes (great for jewelry or baby-teeth!) doorknob greeter hangers, wine bottle tags and other items. I decorate/personalize them via woodburning. My family loved them last year as gifts, so this year I did them for craft shows and they went like WILD FIRE (@$3 each)! Especially great for those who have people w/rare or different names that you can't find on items in the stores.

    You could do this same thing w/paint rather than the woodburning.

    Source(s): I still have a good inventory! (wink wink!) LOL! ;-)
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    Potpourri Gift:

    Use canning jars of different sizes, fill with different scents.

    Buy at the dollar store short sets of white x-mas lights and put in jar with potpourri.

    Cover lid of jar w/small lace doily and tie with ribbon.

    When lights are plugged in, it heats the potpourri and scents the room. So easy to make and quick.

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    Here are some free sites to make craft gifts and recipes for Christmas goodies to give as gifts:,/,/

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    make cookies.and get your self gifts boxes and tissue paper.lay your cookies all out.then throw in some candy canes and Hershey not only looks great it taste great .if you don't bake go to your supermarket.and by the bakery they sell cookies that they bake.good luck and merry christmas.

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    If you can knit or crochet make them a scarf. Using large needles and one skien of yarn, it knits up very quickly. You can do it in one evening. Total cost would be less than $10 -- needles included!

    Source(s): My connection is too slow to link it, but try googling Lion Brand yarn. Plenty of free patterns and you can buy the yarn at Wal Mart.
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