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what does the expression "rain check" and "be my guest" mean?

i often hear them on tv but i still don't understand it. im not american, that's why.

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    rain check means to postpone something for another day. if plans get cancelled, then you take a "rain check" and do it another day. kind of the like the american saying "save your pennies for a rainy day" meaning save your money for another day when you really need it.

    be my guest means "please, go right ahead". you are giving someone the okay to do what they please.

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    What Does Rain Check Mean

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    The expression "loaded for bear"means that the person is well-prepared. It probably originated during colonial times when muskets, gun powder, horses, and dogs were used to hunt for meat. In the present time, it means well prepared to fight, debate, discuss, take a test, give a speech, or provide evidence and testimony in the prosecution of a law suit. I first heard this expression when I was a child growing up in upstate New York. But I haven't heard it in the midwest, or the east, or the far west at all. I may have used it myself when I was in the deep South.

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    If someone invites you to do something and you have other plans, you might say, "I'll take a rain check on that." Rainchecks are what a store gives out if they are out of a particular item that they have advertised on sale.

    Be my guest is an American way of saying, "go ahead!"

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    American baseball fans will be familiar with the term, as that is where it arose: when a game was rained out, those who had tickets for that game were given a rain check which they could

    redeem at another game. That might explain why efforts to prevent a baseball game from being canceled by rain (and rain checks issued) are so prodigious: covering the playing field with tarp, keeping the fans and players waiting as long as possible to see if the downpour will end. The term was soon used metaphorically, and by the 1970s it had spread outside the U.S. and into other English-speaking countries. The use of the term as early as 1884 gives some indication as to the popularity of baseball in the U.S. even at that time

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    Rain check is a ticket to an event postponed because of rain, so it means "get back to (whatever) later."

    Be my guest means, help yourself, I wish to be hospitable and generous.

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    'rain check' = as in, "Can I take a rain check?" is when someone would like to take a person up on their offer but cannot at the present time. If a co-worker asks you to go to lunch, but you have a meeting, you could ask them if you could 'take a rain check' and schedule it for another day

    'be my guest' = anything from 'go ahead of me,' to 'have at it'

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    Rain check means maybe later...

    Be my guest is go ahead...

    I'm from Pakistan, and I was once a foreigner who had to learn English IN America...

    So, yeah...

    Source(s): My little black book... :-P
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    rain check is like ill do the same thing for u but later and be my guest means go right ahead

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