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boy problem?

we were friends years ago were not friends now we go to the same school we dont talk to each other he stares at me does he like me

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    No, he stares at you because he hates you. Sorry, but it's the truth.

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    If he stares at you he might be attracted to you...

    If you used to be friends, and you're interested in him, go up and talk to him about old times... try to do a bit of flirting.

    If that works... go from there.


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    You will never know why he stares at you, unless you ask him.

    There a million could be answers you could think of for him staring at you.

    So, next time you catch him staring just go up to him and asking what he's looking at.

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    I know that stare. That's the stare of a cannibal. All the signs are there, antisocial behavior, staring and deciding which recipe to use on you, silently in the corner. You best run girl.

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    Missa, I think the more important question is "do you still love him?" If you do, then, make sure you rekindle the "fire" of love between you both and let it glow anew. Since you were friends before, it shouldn't be difficult for you to know his areas of interest and to make that happen. But do it fast cos delay's dangerous. Cheers!

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    He probably does like you, but he's confused with whether or not he should tell you. Try to talk to him to loosen him up. And if you think of him more as a friend, make sure you don't give him any signals that might make him think that you like him.

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    Starting Problem - i think he has a starting problem means how to start to speak with you.

    may be he likes you very much.

    my advice is just go ask him frankly, what is the problem why you stares at me.

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    if it was me i would go over and talk to him start up some old flames talk about old memories and invite him to the movies or something

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    Only one way to find out. You gotta talk to him.

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    I have the same problem.... Well he could if u have is e-mail adress u can ask him

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