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how to m,easure your bust size?

everytime i go marks and spencers they always tell me difretn sizes and ive tried it at home but cant seem to manage to find the size.....apprently im a 38A.which is impossible since im heavy chested and i cannot be an A can i......cos i did the measurements and it came to 33 plus 5 which is 38 and then the fullest part of the bust was what is my bloomin size....i dont get it....its tellin me im either an A OR something.....does not make sense.

help please

thanks xxxxxxxx

ps.cant believe im still wearing the wrong size

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    here is a link on how to mesure the exact bra size to fit you , if you would like to go read it ?

    also on this page ;many articles on bra size :

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    I'm not sure because I go in the fitting room and try them on until I get one that fits then I stick with that size. I know that you can measure up under your breast with a tape measure. To see what width you are but the cup size I have no idea. Good luck

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    get a tape measure, roll in in your chest and back then you will see the stainless thing in the tape measure pull it in the middle of your chest and get the tail of that tape measure then the stainless one point it in the line measurement that is fit for you without your bust being pressed.

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    Don't add inches to your band size. You should try a 34F or 32FF to start.

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