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Can you like evolve your pokemon in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team game for DS??

I'd like to know please.

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    Yes after you have completed the Main Story Line you are still a Pokemon and natural disasters are still occurring...

    Now you can go on missions Solo

    You can buy more Friend Areas

    You get new Dungeons to Explore

    You can recruit Pokemon you couldn't before


    You can evlove your Pokemon!

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    Nope, do not imagine so. you've by no skill been in a position to evolve in any of the Pokemon secret Dungeon video games. in truth, i imagine they clarify some thing to do with the plot prevents them from with the flexibility to evolve, any of the Pokemon. :D

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    Sure they can. It just depends on your pokemon loke the weaker one evolve faster and from level 10 to 30 to go to level 2 to level 3(alot of to's). The harder one evolve slower and at level 36 to 99 to evolve to the 3rd level sometimes less IF your lucky...

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    After you defeat Raquazza go to the cave next to Wishcash pond. When your friend asks to go to the friend area say yes and go inside and you'll be asked if you want to evolve, say yes. You can evolve others by going to their friend area and selecting become leader and then having them evolve.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yup, just beat the game if you haven't.

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