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what dose afi have to do with nightmear before christmas? well maybe not afi just davey havok?

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    Havok has a plethora of tattoos, including a pair of large black wings on his back and a flaming heart on his chest, daggers on his left and right ribs, a rabbit with wings on the top of his foot, black hearts behind both ears,nautical stars down both his collar bones, hands in prayer with X's on them toward his left bicep, as well as both arms sleeved with Halloween imagery with direct references to Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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    Davey each and each of how. i like Fall Out Boy yet they're too mainstream. of direction so has AFI with their new cd. yet Davey dedicates much extra to his followers like leaping in crowds at concert activities and whatnot. Pete appears like he's often needing interest.

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