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Demi permanent hair color by Wella?

I want to know if after I apply the color can I wash my hair again? This color is applied to hair that has just been washed. The directions only say how to mix and how long to leave it on the hair. After rinsing any chemical out of my hair there is always just a hint of a chemical smell. I usually do this on a Friday so by Monday, when I return to work, the smell is gone. I was also thinking that if I use a conditoner it will take away the smell. I am going to a party tonight and don't want that smell in my hair. I do rinse my hair very well.

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    hair spray works well. there are a few color safe conditioners. try smelling them first before purchasing them.

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    5 years ago

    I'd go an hour....dont want the color to be weak..maybe an hour and a half..

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