Power to shed, lights and outlets for comp/light use, 30 feet run cost?

This is for a shed 30 feet from my house. Need outlets and couple of lights. Light use requirements, just computer, telescope, tv and maybe plug-in space heater at times. Buried cable. I have one breaker space left in box in house.


Thanks for the how-to but my question is how much would this cost for me to hire an electrician to do this. I'm in New England.

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    1 decade ago
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    You should put a sub-main breaker in your breaker box. Either 30 or 40 amp. Run an appropriate size wire to the shed underground. I would use plastic conduit. Make sure it is buried deep enough.

    Put a sub-box in the shed and run the circuits for the shed from it. I would put in at least 2 outlet circuits and 1 light circuit.

    Make sure everything is to code and have it inspected. If you don't, and something happens, your insurance company won't cover it.

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    You need number 10# gage UF it is a grey jacketed direct burial.

    Not sure of cost where you are.

    dig about 12 or more

    goto the shed and put plastic blue nail on boxes where you need plugs, one at the entry for switch

    the UF is for power to the place , use numebr 12 wire( yellow jacket) for inside wiring,lights and plugs,

    wire goes up and down like oil,

    that job should cost about 225, with lights plugs and switchs

    put you heater on the numebr ten wire, use 30 amp breaker at the meter box, BE CAREFUL

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    DO NOT use #12 awg conductors on a 30 amp circuit.

    I wouldn't use UF either. UF is subject to damage from rocks and rodents. Use 3/4" PVC.

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    5 years ago

    You are correct. But by just asking the question you should not carry out the work yourself. Get a qualified electrician to carry out the work. You may also need an armoured cable as well to carry the electricity to your 'shed' from the main consumer unit.

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