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PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N E BODY!!!!!!!!!!! Sims 2 and GTA question!!!!!!!!!?

1. I have the sims 2 and i "have" for a long time in the game. no children, and no "try for a baby" thing appears. why?

2. A cheat code for girls to follow CJ in GTA;SA for PS2

3. The best GTA game yet and why?

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    1 Try kissing and "frolicing" lot with your partner (you have to have a high affection rating for each other.

    2. I don't know this one.

    3. Definetly the best of the whole series for too many reasons to mention.

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    1. the Sims 2 does not allow the option try for baby, or children if u have it for ps2 but u cwn find that option on the sims bustin out

    2. You need to elevate Cj sex appeal

    3. definitively San andreas in my opinon cause better story line and new characters, also more free mode

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    2. try going to level80.comthey have all the cheats for gta san andreas

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