What should I do with a friend like this?

You see, this friend of mine easily tires with a person

And when he's had it, he goes to another group

He wanted to be my bestfriend, I agreed

but why is he doing this to me?

He told me "You shouldn't be too attached to me" But isn't that what friends do? they spend more time together, but he's different.

He told me I was possessive cause he left me and I started to get mad

I dunno why I did

But it felt like the world is crushing me when he did that

Okay, I admit that my approach was kinda possessive but all I want is him to be by my side...

I just needed a friend that time...

I said I was sorry, I even thank him for telling me that

He accepted my apology and smiled

But for me, I still feel something pinching my chest...I'm still depressed...

What should I do? I wanted our friendship to last even if he's like that...In fact, I'm starting to fall for him...

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  • daff73
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    1 decade ago
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    Sounds like you want him more as a friend. You need to let him know that. However, if he is like that with friends, he's most likely like that with girlfriends. Do you have low self-esteem? Sounds like it if you let someone treat you like this. Perhaps you need to work on yourself and tell yourself you don't need to be treated that way. It's nice to have friends, yes, but it has to be mutually beneficial and both sides have to participate fully. There is nothing wrong with letting someone like that go. In fact, it'll make your life alot easier...and once you realize that and feel better about yourself, someone will come along and be attracted to this sense of self worth. Friends can always be made, however, do you just want anyone? Be selective with friends and don't be afraid of choosing someone else, that's life!

  • 1 decade ago

    He lilkes being friends, but he doesn't like the pressure of being hung on 24 hours a day. give him room to breath. start making other friends to and don't be possessive, talk to your parents about whats depressing you, if you can't talk to them talk to a cousler at school. good luck.

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