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Can you suggest some indoor games suitable for young adult church members?

No run-till-you-drop games please since most of the games will be conducted on the small stage.

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    These sites have quite a selection to choose from:

    And check out some of the games listed here, and make your own 'church-friendly' version:

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    You could play the game two truths and a lie. Someone tells two things that are true about them and one that is not, and everyone else has to guess the lie.

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    I know..

    You can see who get's more money on the collection plate or basket the one who gets the most amount wins!

    I just saw that in one of the Episodes in The Simpsons ^_ ^

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    Pin the Tail on the Devil

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    1 decade ago

    how bout strip poker? or why not just cut 2 the chase and play card games naked...

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    charades, music or movie triva or any board game

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