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where does barry zito fall on the list of top pitchers currently playing in mlb?

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  • Adam
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    1 decade ago
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    Barry Zito is the top FREE AGENT pitcher in the MLB.

    No one is willing to say he is the best out of everybody.

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    first off, to King... Randy Johnson is not even near the top 10 any more....

    Number 1 is a no brainer, in Johan Santana

    2. Webb

    3. Oswalt

    4. Zambrano

    5. Carpenter

    6. Halladay

    7. M. Rivera

    8. Hoffman

    9. Wang

    10. Verlander

    Zito is probolly top 15.... But he is the top free agent pitcher and thats all that really matters right now.... He will get big bucks somewhere..... Fransisco Liriano if he stays healthy will be in that top 10, I think Roger Clemens is done he is to old and needs to retire. Other pitchers on the Bubble are K-Rod in Anahiem, Peavy, Jeared Weaver and Prior if he can come back healthy....

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    This is what my thoughts are on pitchers, here are my top ten. Johan Santana, Roy Halladay, Roger Clemens, Roy Oswalc, Mariano Rivera, Joe Nathan, Francisco Rodriguez, Chris Carpenter, Carlos Zambrano, Jake Peavey. I do think Barry Zito is in the top twenty though.

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    Maybe around 18th currently zito is way over rated and is only gettin all of this money because he plays every game

    Top 10

    1.Johan Santana

    2. Brandon Webb

    3.Fransisco Liriano if he stays healthy

    4. Chris Carpentar

    5. Carlos Zambrano

    6.Chien-ming Wang

    7.Roger Clemens

    8.Roy Halladay

    9. Roy Owsalt

    10. Justin Verlander

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  • jerry
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    1 decade ago

    I'd go into the top five of starters:






    But that's my opinion. Clemens is number 1, if he returns. I thought Johnson was a letdown this year, but he has the potential to be in the top 5 at any time. Verlander could be one the best all time, but it's too early to tell.

    And of course, when you throw in relievers like Mariano, Jenks and Hoffman, it becomes a completely different ranking (although I wouldn't put any closer in my top 5)

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    rivera is a closer first of all and zito is probably around 10 to 15. pitching is at a premium and thats why hes so valuable right now.

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    He's in the top 10, you can always count on him to eat innings and atleast 15 wins, those are always solid stats for a pitcher.

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    Kaz Matsui



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    About 7th place. There are many others that are way better than him, such as Randy Johnson, Mike Mussina, Johan Santana, and Chris Carpenter. I would say about 7th place, arguably.

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