need help understanding Bipolar Diorder's of all stages?

I have a 13 yr. old son that has bipolar disorder stage 1 plus adha.He is having alot of troblem in school.Its just like the staff does not care about what is wrong with him cause they dont even help him out like they need too.He is in the 7th grade this yr. But im afraid that if they dont have him some more help them he is not going to pass this yr. I have talked to his teachers about this before cause he cant remember to bring anything home like homework.Is it cause of the bipolar or what.PLEASE HELP

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    My daughter has this disorder as well, most schools don't care or even begin to understand it. You may want to have him admitted to a hospital while there have testing done he may be like my daughter very smart but still in special ed because of the disorder. It make it hard for them to change classes as well as a lot of other things.By the way because of your son disorder the school is requied by law to accomadate his needs..I have gone through this for 10+ yrs please e-mail me for any questions. i could probably relay a lot of e- mails, name, numbers, etc.. i hope this help. It can make you feel overwelmed and crazy i know been there done that.

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    I'm bipolar, and have been so for maybe 20+ years. My personal feel is that it either does not exist or is impossible to diagnose in anyone younger than late teens/early 20's.

    More to the point, in children bipolar and adhd/add symptoms are supposedly often indistinguishable. I find this strange, because the adult diagnostic criteria are totally different.

    What you describe sounds like a cross between a normal forgetful 13 year old and an extremely mild case of ADD, to my untrained eye. My 11 year old has the memory of a goldfish sometimes, and despite a genetic likelihood that he may inherit my bipolar disorder, I would not even dream of labelling him like this.

    In my humble, bipolar, medicated opinion there is a huge danger with pre-teen diagnoses, and that is that the kids, parents and teachers become 'institutionalised' and the 'disorders' become self-fulfilling prophecies. If you tell a kid he is forgetful because he has ADD, then guess what? every time he forgets something, he blames ADD, and there's no reason to try a bit harder next time.

    So in answer to your question, no, this is nothing to do with bipolar, and you do well to get him to a different doctor - you do not want to subject him to the sort of drugs I take.

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    drugs is mandatory for treating bipolar sickness. Lithium, antidepressants + lithium (for the two depressive and manic indicators), antipsychotic drugs like Olanzapine, and anticonvulsants like divalproex sodium (for treating acute mania) are used. regrettably, there is not any (lasting) therapy. And those drugs have very gruesome edge effects, somewhat lithium, which may well be poisonous. Psychosocial scientific care may well be effectual in help of the meds. affected person guidance helps them adjust to their meds. Cognitive scientific care relieves the depressive ingredient of the sickness, if modern-day. relatives guidance complements sufferers' social help and helps forestall relapse by using combating the adversarial expression of unfavorable emotions interior the relatives (by using greater helpful verbal replace). because of the will for meds, i might advise consulting a psychiatrist greater suitable than a psychologist.

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    to many try to label things on kids when they aren't 100% perfect as they see them.

    unless a trained, professional in this field has diagnosed him with bipolar or anything else.....leave the poor boy alone.

    he's just a boy, a child, let him be a child....all kids forget things, mess up, break things, get in trouble, are hyper, etc....its called being a kid. its part of learning.

    too many today want to have an excuse or a quick fix pill to make their kids mind or to hide the fact they didn't do a good job as a parent when the child was younger.

    try music or art.....could just be bottled up passion trying to get out.

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    They usually don't like to diagnose a child being bipolar until he is at least 17 or 18 ..........that's what i was told anyway ........I would get a second opinion on his diagnosis before i did anything. They tried to tell me my son was bipolar when he was 14 and i fought them ............i was right !

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    You need to talk to his doctor. It might be the meds he's on aren't helping or he needs a therapist to help him focus in school. It's a shame the school has that attitude but look more in the direction of his medical care right now.

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    public school teachers dont have the time, and often the interest, to help along an untreated special needs kid. Is he under therapy? Needs to be.

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    Why not go to google or yahoo and search for it?

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