How do i tell this kid that likes me that i dont like him like that?

Okay, heres the short version: this kid is really kinda wierd, but he is nice once you get to know him. he doesnt have many friends adn i would feel horrible saying EWWW GET AWAY FROM ME!! even though thats how i feel. how do i break the news to him?do i write a note, b/c i dont think i could do it in person.what do i say? i need to say somethin soon b/c he gave me a note confessing his love(really sappy adn serious) adn i just ignored it adn his behavior is border line stalkerish... HELP


yes, i already posted a question like this but only got 1 answer so i am trying again...

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    Well, tell him the truth. Say: You are a great person and a nice kid. I'm really flattered about how you feel about me, but my feelings for you are just as friends. I hope you aren't too hurt because I'd hate to lose a friend.


    Your friend,


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    Well I'll at least give you one answer. If you really can't handle the guy, sit down tonight and write him a note. Explain that you don't want to get into a relationship with him and that you don't like getting hit on. If he doens't give up, then tell him off- or have a friend do it for you.

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    Well tell him you dont feel the same , but you can still be friends , and i will try to intriduce him to new people .. dunno just find out what his hoobies are and try him to meet people that share those same interest.. he will end up haning more with them, keeping some frienship with ypu and not being hurt or anything.. i think thats the best way.

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    i would like to suggest you not to break all of his feelings suddenly by writing a note or saying directly that you dont like him, it may turn the way of thinking he has in his mind, give him some time , try to let him know you more and simply put the option in front of him to notice the weird things in you, mean to say let him know about you what he does not like in you. it would help you to get over this

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  • um wow that is really hard. what i would do is have one of your friends tell him that you would just like to be friends and then hopfully there wont be anything weird goin on between you two. dont make it a very serious friendship.:-)

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    call him.. or if you cant do it, write a letter to him.. just tell him that hes nice and all but hes just not the one for can also include that you don't approve of his "stalkersih" behavior....=>

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    Tell him you are flattered, but kind of like another boy, but that doesn't mean he can't be your friend.

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    just set him stait dont worry he'll be fine in a cuple of days

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    tell him: "ur not really my type. maybe ull find another girl that is better than me.......= ))

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