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    Introduce myself:

    I am a XX.I am a to love a freedom and love a carefree life.I am also a kid who likes to play, but in the middle of playing I even like music.I will listen some musics that can let me relax ego and adjust the ego mood.I all fostered my leadership ability in the senior high school or the junior high school, letting I be handling the tops of the thing and canning start easily.

    Growth process:

    At I study in primary school, I joined the farmland path school team of the school.Accepted over there many whet to practice, but also accepted many frustrates, however I didn't give up, but worked hard more to attain best, after also get Jia Ji often.I come after a teacher and never will put chessboard to go to how set up, has been working hard of learning.While having again a result, the teacher brings me to everyplace a game with the other scholar.That time because I can't calm down, and let I night just start getting in touch with for 12 years, Be learning calligraphy to have no teacher guidance, but my family all would at a guide me beside how write beautiful of writing.On the calligraphy, I have no excellent result, because I don't need to just let the oneself excite so, calming down my mood.On the lessons, my mathematics has been keeping in the full marks, but I while examining usually careless, and can't let me get full marks.At junior high school, I attended the examination of"American AMC8", although didn't get good result, also let me have an experience.

    Hereafter wishes:

    I learn to have very great interest for the logarithms after hour, and I am in the elementary school, junior high school, even I all have very good result in mathematics in the senior high school.I hope at hereafter enter higher school and will continue up me the learning mathematics, let me more thorough of learn it.At later, I hope and can help some persons who do not like mathematics, letting them being able to like mathematics and be in love with mathematics.

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