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What causes inflation?

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    Inflation in Economics is the state of price increasing without normal reasons.

    (1) People is taking longer time to study before going to work, so labor's productivity is increasing. So price level of goods should decrease.

    (2) Land use is more effective. One acre of land can produce more corns than before. So Land is not the cause.

    (3) Capital is becoming more efficient. One can move capital freely between states and states within the U.S.A. One can move capital globally in a touch of your computer mouse. So capital is not the cause.

    There are three factors in economics. So the inflation is just a manufactured number without much meaning.

    Or some even claim that the inflation is caused by over-printing of money by the governments.

    I am not sure which of the above two are real. But I believe one of them might be true.

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    Air Compressor. I have a nice one to inflate tires around the house.

    Interest Rates can cause inflation.

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    When the government prints more money....

    This causes inflation because the value of the money decreases which, in turn, increases prices.

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    Quanity and cost. if the quanity goes down the cost up and if the quanity goes up the cost goes down

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    supply and demand

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