To what extent are jewelry designs protected by copyright/IP law?

If I want to borrow ideas from a copyrighted jewelry design and then sell the resulting product, how much does my design need to differ from the copyrighted design? Would a very small change be enough, or do I need to change the whole "feel" of the piece? I know this is a vague question, but a "ballpark" answer should suffice.

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    1 decade ago
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    It needs to differ and the original designer/firm can sue you. It's called a knock-off and it happens all the time in the fashion and jewelry world. A lot of jewelry is manufactured in Bali and China, and their business ethics have no qualms about producing an order for a US company and turning around and making a batch of the same thing for themselves to sell on the wholesale market. By the time the original designer finds out and sues, the knock-off artist has made their money and moved on to steal something new.

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  • Lutty
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    4 years ago

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