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When will the media realize that the public doesn't give a crap about T.O.?

Seriously, they do a segment on him on just about EVERY NFL Live show, and most Sportscenter shows? Why do they think we care about his birthday or if he listens to Parcell's speaches? Do they not realize that people watch this crap only because they won't shut up about it?

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    I hear you! Unfortunately, the NFL media is set up that any big mouth makes headline news, and TO's mouth is so big, I am surprised he uses his hands to catch the ball!

    I think it will take a concerted effort to write to these shows and magazines and let them know! Go about 10 miles out of Dallas, and you have left this idiot's sphere of interest in my opinion.

    I mean, look at how much press this drama queen has gotten in the last year! Why did the Eagles suspend him for the remainder of the year? Where will he end up? Why is he doing calisthenics in his driveway? Will he get along with Parcells? Will he get along with anyone? Did he mean to almost kill himself? Does he like Drew Bledsoe? Does he like Tony Romo? Does he mind sharing the field with Terry Glenn? How does he feel about Mike Vanderjagt getting let go? Who is invited to his birthday bash? Is Parcells going?

    The sad thing is, my brain has an area where I can't forget that crap thanks to the media coverage! My answer was the same to all of these questions: WHO GIVES A ****? Can't we just play football and devote the time to those players that deserve it by winning in the last second, or mounting a huge comeback, or making a play out of nothing?

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    The media created that guy what do you expect. They need hot heads like him in order to break up the sometimes monotonous shows they make. I just hope he plays well on Sunday Night and helps us win.


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    I think they will figure it out eventually, but right now it's too much fun talking about the mistakes he makes on the field and how much he's full of himself during the week, like falling asleep during team meetings. It makes me hate him more but why is that a bad thing?

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    I find it constantly annoying hearing about T.O., but at the same time, I find it hilarious what he's doing to the Cowboys and can't wait him for him to start reallying acting up (I'm an Eagles fan).

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    I think you answered it for yourself in your last line. They still play it and harp on it because people are still watching it. Perhaps if peole dont like it, they dont watch it. TO likes the attention, always has and always will. He makes money off of it I am sure. So until people really stop caring it will continue.

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    i don't care about to at all as far as i am conserned a dew years ago when a spiked a ball one the star in Dallas a true Dallas player would of leveled him right there

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    media doesn't care what we give a crap about. all they want us to do is listen and talk about it. and guess what we are doing right now with you asking that question.....

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    Never, if somebody talks about TO I immediately switch channells.

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