i need some help on stamford CT USA please?

whats are soem of stamfords natural resouces?

What is stamford known for?

What local issues concern the people in stamford?

What % of stamfords people are democtrats and republicans

and what were some memorable events bad times in stamford?

thatnk you so much

any answers will be apreciated

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    Stamford is a city in Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States. According to 2006 Census Bureau estimates, the population of the city is 120,045.[1] Stamford is part of the New York metropolitan area.

    For the first half of 2004, Stamford was the safest city in the United States with population over 100,000, according to the FBI. Factors that may contribute to the relatively low crime rate are an unemployment rate generally lower than the region, high housing prices that skew the city's demographics away from large numbers of urban poor. Crime in the New York metropolitan area in general has diminished since the 1980s and is lower than many other major U.S. metropolitan areas today. In 2005, Stamford was voted "The Best City to Reside In" by the magazine United States Living.

    The city has one hospital, Stamford Hospital.

    The city is run by Mayor Dannel Malloy and the first family who reside on Ocean Drive West participate in all types of city related work.

    The trading floor at the UBS building in downtown Stamford holds the Guinness World Record as the largest securities trading floor in the world.

    In the NBC television series The Office, the character Jim Halpert transferred to a Dunder Mifflin branch in Stamford.

    Stamford was devastated in a comic book in 2006: Civil War, a cross-over series of Marvel comic books, depicts comic-book heroes and villains battling it out in downtown Stamford and elsewhere in the city, although no specific Stamford buildings seem to be depicted. However a store sign from "A Timeless Journey", a comic book shop in the city, is featured in Issue No. 532 of The Amazing Spider-Man. Marvel writer Jeph Loeb, "who grew up near Riverbank Road and attended the former Riverbank Elementary School, taken over by Mead School in the mid-1990s", came up with the decision to use Stamford, according to an article in The Advocate of Stamford. "The Stamford incident", referring to a massacre in the comic-book series "Civil War" is referred to in later comic books in the series. The use of the comic-book store sign came because the store owner was quoted in an April Advocate story saying he'd love to have his store depicted, even if it were devastated in the comic-book series. The day after the article came out, the store owner got a call from Marvel.[15]

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