I have a 2001 Volvo S 40 1.8 L non turbo, i need i guess cv joints.Could someone tell me where to buy it.?

The car is making some funny noise while driven,i dont know if it is the cv joints or something else.please advice me.

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    Go to a mechanic you trust. If it is a safety issue get it checked. I wouild contact Volvo because that MY had lots of recalls.

    Source(s): Former Volvo service advisor
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    I owned the same year and model of your car. In 2004, I had to have the CV joints replaced. It would make the noise over bumps and when I made turns. It was a real pain, because the dealership accidentally replaced the wrong side. And I had to take the car back, they thought I was crazy. Finally the mechanic got in the car, went over a speed bump and heard the noise. So I got both sides replaced, their mistake. Good luck, I never had any problems with them again.

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    Quickly - rule of thumb, if there is a clicking noise when turning steering wheel hard then mostly likely CV joint(s) are bad. Replacement takes specialized knowledge and tools. In the years I have my own shop I replaced many a CV joint ( & sometimes a damaged axel) that the owner or friend tried to do on the street.

    Hope this helps.

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    at this time it is cheaper to replace the axle[s] complete with brand new aftermarket [made in china] axle's these are available from most automotive chain stores and wholesale for about 100 u.s. east coast dollars i have tried to destroy a pair in a turbo 850 and a 5.2 ltr. jeep, i could not. they have a 1 year warranty, and have yet to have a single failure good luck.

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    call your local Auto Zone or any local Salvage Yards parts are always cheaper from the salvage yard.

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    It might be the brakes....

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