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Who sang on "Baby it's cold outside" with Dean Martin?

I think it originally came out in 1959

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    all these people are wrong.

    Doris Day and Bing Crosby(1959).

    i think thats the one ur looking for.


    other people who sing it also is:

    -jessica simpson

    -martina mcbride and dean martin

    -harry connick jr.

    -ray charles and nina simone(soulful)

    -dean martin

    -rod stewart and dolly parton

    -barenaked ladies

    -tom jones and catatonia

    -lee ann womak

    -louis armstrong and ella fitzgerald

    -vanessa williams and bobby caldwell

    -diane reeves and lou rawls

    -james taylor and natalie cole

    Source(s): i did my research on this question cause i was also interested.
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    Dean Martin and Martina McBride

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    It came out it 1959 on A Winter Romance. I don't know the name of the other performer though.

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    It was done after his death the singer was Martina McBride The newly expanded "Christmas With Dino" album on CD, released in September, includes a duet in which Martina McBride recorded vocals to match Martin singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside." you know like Natalie Cole did with her fathers song Unforgettable

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  • 1 decade ago

    Martina McBride

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    I often end up submitting the same thing on other sites

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    Bing Crosby..a gust???

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    4 years ago

    that is an interesting question

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