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please could someone explain these letter to me i want to make sure i am not reading to much meaning into it?

a woman wrote my man saying

does it mean our friendship is over i am worried about you if you do not want to communicate with me anymore call me and let me know. i thought we had something special or thats what i thought if you have move on with your life i am happy but can we still be friends

and these woman he never told me about her and one time he called her at 2.00am.

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    I love this line! "if you do not want to communicate with me anymore call me"

    Sounds like he had a thing with her at some point and then told her he wanted to be friends.

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    Sounds to me like whatever he had going on with her is over now. It's completely up to you if you want to confront does sound to me like there was something more than friendship going on though. If I were in that situation, I would probably keep a very close eye on him and see if things are weird or if he's acting goofy, and confront him when you're having a good day together. How long have you been together? It's definately not ok with me if my guy calls some chic at 2 am though...

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    Need more background.

    But it sounds to me like a man broke up with a woman and she can't accept that fact and move on.

    If he is calling at 2:00 Am, he is being sneaky- there is proabably a reason for that. He does not want you to know, so he has to sneak. He probably had something going on on the side.

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    WELL, i know if i saw that letter i would be thinking first off y is she writing to him like that, then i would be like hmm.. what happen for her to write that in the first place. If they are just friends then y would she say "i thought we had somethign special", friends dont say stuff like that if there was nothing going on..friends with benifits do.. Basically sounds just how it sounds..then you gotta look at it as if you wanna confront him..and would you accept his answer, would you believe his answer. A woman's intuition is often right, you can tell that they werent in a relationship because she cant say it.. she can only call him a friend..its up to you hun..where you wanna go but you do relize that its ur hand to call.. GOOD LUCK!

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    I don't know what meaning you are reading into it but if it was me, I would feel threatened that I was going to lose him.

    If you are just dating him, then he is allowed to see other people and to have friendships with other women. We should all meet and get to know more people before we settle down and choose a life partner. If you are sleeping together, it should be all settled that you are together and that you don't see other people. But sometimes we rush into sexual relationships before all the wrinkles are ironed out. Did you move to fast?

    Sometimes it is hard for two people to break up. They keep trying to be together because they have a bond between them.

    Source(s): Since he phoned her, it does look like the bond goes both ways. But maybe he just phoned her to tell her it was really over. Some people can handle letting their partners be with other people. Some people don't even care if they are intimate with other people. I can't. I can't even handle a breath of a doubt that it is possible. If I don't know where my man is all the time, I don't even want to be with him. There is nothing wrong with him letting me feel safe and loved. If he can't give me that gift, I don't want him. I don't have to be always afraid that he is lieing and cheating on me. If he is always saying "Trust me" I think that is unkind. Trust is something that I give to him by being trustworthy, and something he gives me by being trustworthy. It isn't something I give him by letting him run around. I would never run around, I know it would put to much strain on our love, He shouldn't always be pulling on the heartstrings until they are so tight they hurt. My sister and I always say " If you let your man run around loose, someone is going to pick him up and take him home." And quite honestly, some of my best boyfriends, were strays. Even a good woman can steal your man, it doesn't have to be some slut. I would be more afraid of a good woman who wants to love him than I would be of a slut. But at the same time, a man who would go with a slut is no good either, all he is .... is a slut. So anyways, make it clear that you can't be with him until he makes up his mind, or convinces you he already has made up his mind to be with you. We have to love ourselves and make sure we are treated kindly. If you give him permission to run around you will have to take what you get, but if you don't give him permission to run around you have to take what you get...even if that means losing him. They say if you love someone set them free...but I say if you love someone...telll them that they are not free...and if they come back they are yours, and if they don't....they never were.
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    First of all, how did you know about this letter? Did he show it to you? If not, were you going through things that do not belong to you? It appears that you both are hiding things. He is hiding a relationship and you are hiding the fact that you go through his personl mail - not exactly an honest relationship is it? You might want to decide if you trust this person and if not - run a mile . Honesty must be one of the basics in any relationship.

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    it sounds to me that they must have had some kind of relationship in the past and let go of her to be with you. the girl is sad that he left her but still wants to hold on to him a bit by "being his friend" i wouldnt worry too much about it but if you think foulplay look into it more. check his phone or call the girl if you can get the number, ask his friends if you can. ask him about it too. but if the looks left when he talks to you he is lying!

    i hope i helped you a bit. :P


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    Sound like a "very special friend" if you know what I mean...

    It certainly does not look or sound good...friends don't say those sort of things to each other, people that have dated, slept together, etc. have those sort of conversations...

    Confront him about this...and good luck

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    sounds like it was more than a friendship - she says "I thought we had something special.... but we can still be friends" implying they can now be friends after whatever transpired. if he didn't cheat with her, then he led her on and it sounds like it was more than platonic. you need to discuss this with him and if he doesn't answer to your satisfaction you need to call this woman and find out what happened.

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