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am i gonna die?

i was brushing my teeth, then i just started walking around upstairs. i went to the play room and started looking at my old toys and books and all my old memories. the toothbrush was still in my mouth. then all of a sudden, i sneezed. i didn't want the toothpaste to fall on the ground, so i put my head up instead, and the toothpaste went in my mouth by accident. i tryed to get it out by coughing, but no use..... i went to look at the toothpaste tube, and it said contact the poison control thing if swallowed.

but am i gonna die if i did swallow it?


oh yea, the one i used was Crest

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    No, you will be OK. If you are really interested in this subject, here are the FACTS:

    1) Each year there are thousands of reports to Poison Control centers in the United States related to excessive ingestion of fluoride dental products (toothpaste, mouth rinses, and supplements).

    2) Early symptoms of acute fluoride toxicity (e.g. gastrointestinal pain, nausea, vomiting, headaches) can be produced at doses as low as 0.1 to 0.3 mg/kg. This is about 15 to 50 times lower than the dose (5 mg/kg) that can kill.

    3) Ingestion of as little as 1 percent of a tube of flavored children's toothpaste can produce acute fluoride toxicity in a young child.

    "The most common symptoms were nausea (97%), vomiting (68%), diarrhea (65%), and abdominal cramps (53%); 14 people (41%) reported headaches, four (12%) reported burning sensations in the throat or chest, and one person reported excessive salivation."

    SOURCE: Penman AD, Brackin BT, Embrey R. (1997). Outbreak of acute fluoride poisoning caused by a fluoride overfeed, Mississippi, 1993. Public Health Reports 112:403-9.

    Best Wishes,

    Minh Nguyen, DDS

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    If you simply swallowed a mouthful of the toothpaste you had on your brush, there is nothing to worry about. If you ingested the entire tube of toothpaste, then you might want to call poison control. At the most, you may have a stomachache.

    A bigger concern would be that you might have fallen while you were wandering around with your toothbrush in your mouth, and then pushed the TOOTHBRUSH down into your throat. That actually could kill you. So, next time, stay in the bathroom while you brush and concentrate on what you are doing!

    Source(s): I'm a medical librarian.
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    The poision control warning is a requirement by the FDA to be posted on all items containing flouride. There is however only 1 really toxic types of flouride used:


    The following are symptoms to be concerned about:


    Slow heart rate

    Cardiac arrest


    Breathing difficulty (shallow respiration)




    Abdominal pain

    Nervous system





    However, most tap water contains flouride, and the only toothpaste I know of containing Triclosan is the Pro Health brand by Crest.

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    You won't die. Swallowed toothpaste in a marginal amount won't hurt you at all. If a child ate the entire tube of toothpaste, then you should call Poison Control, but that is the only scenario where somebody would be at risk for consuming toothpaste.

    Swallowing never hurt anyone, at least that is what I've been telling my girlfriend ;-)

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    You are absolutely not going to die

    I use to swallow toothpaste all the time because I think it tastes good...I don;t anymore but not because it says contact poison control. The reason they say this is because if you like ATE the entire tube then you've gotta problem ;-)

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    I never heard of anybody dying from swallowing toothpaste. I swallowed toothpaste before, I didn't die! So no, I don't think so....yet again I didn't swallow a lot either

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    Inevitably we will all die eventually but, Hell no. Toothpaste? That doesn't even warrant worrying about. Your well in the clear and in no danger whatsoever so don't worry about it. Same with Mouth wash, won't kill you but don't drink it on purpose. Worst case scenario, you get an upset stomach. If even.

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  • 4 years ago

    URGENT Get the boy checked by means of the surgeon instantly and if whatever flawed name your mothers and fathers. Nothing could occur to him. Don''t get scared. Give him extra water to drink and that are meant to be boiled. In addition provide him ORS combined water. He perhaps having dehidration or meals poisning. Rush to Doctor. Be courageous and do not worry. If he's on act to not cross to institution take it secondary and surgeon will inform the reality. First and formost get him checked in Hospital otherwise you household surgeon. Just tell your mothers and fathers and inform them you're taking him to surgeon and shall deliver you what he has mentioned in order that their vocation shpould no longer be spoiled if its a minor factor. Thank you.

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    You will be fine. Flouride in toothpaste in large amounts can upset your stomach and make you sick, but swallowing a small amount will do you no harm

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    if u really thought u were going to die, would you be on here asking ?????

    i used to eat toothpaste as a child, why i dont know my parents feed me. i just like the taste of it..

    i am now 23 so i would say u were pretty safe

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