"Sell me this pen" : Job Interview?

I have been interviewing for various positions this month. I've had this question (situation) presented to me three times already. Can anybody give me some good examples of how to answer/ respond to this on an interview?

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    1 decade ago
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    Write him a check and tell him that he has to endorse it.

    Then say "Don't you wish you had a pen right now?" "I can go ahead and sell you this one."

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    Sell Me This Pen

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    Ask a question that finds the pain. Question such have you ever tried to write and the pen is dried up or run out of ink? Thats a real question that has happened to practically everyone. Now you have them all you have to do is sell your pen that is ready to go every time. This pen is the pen you try hang on to because it writes perfectly. They will enjoy this pen for years and you will enjoy your new job. Happy selling

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  • Z
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    1 decade ago

    I've asked the question to people before on interviews. It has absolutely nothing to do with sales. We want to see how you react and how creative you are. If you make a weird face, or ask something like "what kind of question is that"? you probably will not get the job. Just be yourself. Describe the pen when you talk, tell them what the pen can do for you. Just be creative. Best of luck


  • 6 years ago

    Simple. If the interviewer does not hand it to you ,and they usually will..ask to see the pen.

    Once you have the pen in your hand ask the interviewer if they can write down that question again and if they need pen? [Works best if there's no other pens or pencils in site]

    You can smile and then say.. selling is about supply and demand. It's about changing a need to a want. Creating a sense of urgency. Creating a demand in the decision makers mind.

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    I looked around forever to find an example of a real sales interview where this questions was asked. This is the best I could find. It's a pretty straightforward sales framework. That will at least help you impress the interviewer. And get the job!

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    I see the techniques and any layout would have to be established with a product in mind. Being asked to sell a pen on a whim, you need to think.

    Looking at it from above sales is nice because there are so many angles and different things to sell with one product. A single pen, a box of pens, hell you even know they guy that sells the paper and you can hook this poor shmuck up with a box of pens and a palet of paper. first id try to dump this pen back on this poor sucker. Who buys a single pen right? Ask what kind of pen he has on him now that he gave you is only pen. He doesn't have one, nice pen sold this one here is top notch you'll love it. You don't I'll be back next week full refund. It's not a nice pen? Well you bet your *** this is the best damn low end pen available. And I'm guna leave it with you for a week, you like it I'll give you a box cheapest we've sold them yet. Your office needs pens like this at a price like this and a dang box of them to make sure you don't run out.

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    This is a "test" question to see how you would approach the objective, which is to sell the interviewer the pen.

    First of all -- describe the FEATURES of the pen. Its portable, fits the hand, has the right color ink, retracts so that it does not splotch your pocket with ink leak, etc.

    Second, relate each feature to a user benefit. The right color ink means you don't get caught with red when you need black; the portability means you can carry it everywhere and anywhere. The shape fits the hand so you don't get carpel tunnel syndrome from holding it -- have you tried to hold one of those huge pens we sometimes see around?

    Now, ask if the benefits of the pen means that he will be able to do his job better, be more effective, more successful.

    In short, you are working to relate each FEATURE of the pen into a DEFINED BENEFIT for the user. The user needs to recognize that owning the pen will make him more successful, more fulfilled, more efficient, more ---whatever you can think of.

    Hope this helps.

    As a sales manager, I used to do this all the time. It is a good exercise for seeing if someone has natural selling skills, and is not afraid of talking.

  • kevin
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    1 decade ago

    3 steps :

    1: good eye contact - always have eye contact with ur interviewer to assure them that u have the confidence and u r not faking it

    2: speak fast and fluently but clearly - make sure ur interviewer can hear and understand what u are saying. always confirm by asking questions like 'dont u think its a good buy?' depending on the situation. also make ur speech spontaneous or as spontan as possible ~ eg: it might suddenly come into ur mind that the pen is made is india and then u realize that its a bad choice and the interviewer might say 'india has a really low quality restrictions bla bla' and u have to quickly cut him and say ' altho its made in india the tecnology is from germany' for instance. speak ur selling points cleary and make sure its delivered how u want it.

    3: body posture: sit up straight dun lean(if ur sitting down). dun play with ur fingers or ur ring. focus on the conversation as if the interviewer is a real customer

    ps: a mind trick for u - always remember that the interviewer is no more human than u r. he/she also has his emotions running he might be the one nervous facing u. so be confident but not cocky.

    i cant give u an example because i dunno what company are u interviewing for or how is the interviewer's character and things like that

    i hope it helps

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