My kitchen is really dark with very little natural light. Is there anything better than a strip light?

It has an flourecent strip light which really helps. But it spoils the look of my nicely decorated and fitted Kitchen. Is there a more attractive looking light fitment I could get that would give off a better brighter lighting?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Fluorescent is definitely the best light for a kitchen, it gives an even shadow less light and is incredibly energy efficient. There are some attractive options in fluorescent lighting, you don't have to stick to the 'garage' type fitting.

    would look nice in a modern kitchen

    this is just gorgeous, a little more pricey but uses T5 technology

    which gives an even brighter light than standard (T8 or T12)

    fluorescent. The wall mounted fitting on that link can be ceiling

    mounted, and the suspended fluoros would look great over an island bench or breakfast bar.

    To give more light on a work space try under cabinet lighting.

    I recommend T4 or T5 linkable tubes mounted on the wall side of the

    cabinet. They are very inconspicuous and will give an even shadow less light. Not too expensive, and you don't have to cut into your cabinet as you would to recess halogen lights. (I find surface mounted halogen lighting looks like a pimple on a pumpkin).

    If you want to use halogen make sure its 12V (gives a whiter, brighter light) and recess it!

    Just remember halogen burns far hotter than fluorescent.


    3 small pendents suspended over a bench looks fantastic-

    this is one of my favorites-

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  • 4 years ago

    I recently saw another kitchen similar to yours but it had some natural light. I would suggest not painting the top cabinets different from the bottom. Rather than mismatching them, a glaze is a great idea, a pale ivory would soften the look rather than pure white. I also like the idea of a color on the walls instead of just white. With black cabinets, I'd go for a softer, warmer look. If the green is too dark, you might just want to lighten the green. Don't throw out your green. Mix it 50/50 to white or 30/70 or whatever you think, but I think a sage green and black would look great together and the green would bring warmth to the black. The floor and counter top sounds as though they match well enough. Leave well enough alone. See how it looks with a lighter shade of green on the walls, a light ivory glaze on the lines in the cabinets, and - a final touch would be to add knobs that would highlight and complete the whole look. Something moderately decorate, not black and not all green. Either match the faucets and sink, or co-ordinate with them - well, you'll have to go looking. Look online first. You'll find a huge selection. Remember to seal the marble counter top. Keep it nice. Also, you might consider a hanging light in one corner, that gives off a good amount of light - near your work space and/or range. Wish I could see it. It's rather fun. I'm remodeling myself.

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    I had the same problem and installed a ceiling fan with 5 lights, under cabinet hockey puck type lights and 4 can lights in the ceiling. The ceiling fan is operated by remote control and the can lights are operated by the switch. I can turn on the under counter lights by their switch for great task lighting, like when I'm chopping up veggies. The combination gives all of the types of lighting I need and brightened up the kitchen.

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    First, if your kitchen is dark it should be painted a bright white. Maybe some glass door cabinets with white trim. The florecent light you're using now isn't the best choice. Try track lighting over the sink and cabinets. One track of lights on each wall.. you can space the lights out where it looks best, once they are installed. I'd recommend getting some higher watt bulbs for them too. Hope this helps.

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