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who are de biggest,better,dancers of tango?

Los mejores bailarines/as de tango son?

jc.Copes,m:Nieves,Laura Legazcue,M.Lanvin,MA Sotto,MoraGodoy ,Eleonora Cassano,Julio Bocca...,(ARGENTINOS)...Edwin y Lina (COLOMBIANOS)

Me gusta mucho laura Fidalgo pero mo se dedica al tango sino a la revista musical toda

laura legazcue es una de ellas.

Laura Lagazcue"(One of )The world top dancers " by Argentine Tango Dance Association in Japan



Legazcue’s stage performances combine her deep knowledge of traditional tango as well as classical ballet and contemporary dance.

As an instructor, she has developed a teaching methodology based on the importance of learning the fundamental concepts of tango — posture, weight-shifting, embrace dissociation, pivots and couple connection.

She wants to ensure that dancers do not become mere imitators, but achieve a deep understanding of dance techniques, and develop their own styles."Dennis Chua New Straits Tnes


"As a Jury member, she will be in charge of examining and judging tango dancers of all parts of the world"Sokka Gakkai Malasia.


Me gusta mucho laura Fidalgo pero mo se dedica al tango sino a la revista musical toda

me encanta mora godoy

y bocca

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una argentina en caracas

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Miguel Angel Zotto ( ARGENTINE )

    Romina Levin ( ARGENTINE )

    Laura Legazcue(URUGUAY)

    Fabian Belmonte ( CANADA )

    George David Garcia(USA)

    George Takahashi (JAPAN)




    Source(s): Argentine Tango Dance Asociation in Japan (ATDA) note from Mexico Latin Best Selection
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  • 3 years ago

    The tango is an severe lively dance quickly %. and captivating that originated in Argentina some years in the past. this is a dance the place you may human beings to take area. this is impossible for one person to tango. So If a foul difficulty develops between 2 human beings and each of them is passing the blame on the different .that is once you're saying "it takes 2 to tango". meaning the two events are the two accountable.

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