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Do Messers Blair and Bush have ANY respect for dead Service personnel?

I believe Tony Blair and his mate George W Bush to be committed Christains. On that understanding, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY would either of them even think, let alone consider, with-drawing ANY of our Armed Service personnel from Iraq or Afghanistan BEFORE they have completed thier mission? WHY? Why send our troops, and greatest asset to Iraq and Afghanistan with a specific aim and job to do, then pull the plug on them before they can complete the job? HAVE NO LESSONS BEEN LEARNT FROM THE FIRST GULF WAR in 1991 when the plug was pulled JUST before the job had been completed? WHY do politicians have to interfere just because they get some bad media publicity? Surely the mark of a good leader is - make THE decision then delegate to the person who knows how to get the job done, and stay out of the way until the expert returns with the words "job completed"...? Pulling troops out a SECOND time makes a mockery of those lost young lives given freely - for OUR peace!!

For shame on you both !


I site the following links - which make for interesting reading -




I had a lot of difficulty trying to find a list of UK fatalities for the 1st Gulf War through the MOD site as well as Google...??? I'm sure someone out there can rectify that in an answer..?

Update 2:

PLEASE, take the time to read the links first before giving a gut reaction - please

Update 3:

Bear in mind, it is Tony Blair and George W Bush who ARE THE ELECTED LEADERS OF UK and USA... NO-ONE ELSE - liberal or otherwise !!

Update 4:

I don't believe Military personnel join the Services in order to get a posthumous medal. They join in order to make a difference to our lives.

THAT needs absolute respect from Governments, as well as the NEEDS of the military personnel on the ground, in the air, and on the seas, to be met without question or debate.

We tax-payers are willing to pay for these people to defend us, what are our Govts doing with our Defence tax allocations?

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  • Rich B
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    " Under certain circumstances, US combat troops could be withdrawn from Iraq by early 2008, the report said.

    But that suggestion was sharply criticized by senior Republican Senator John McCain, one of several skeptical members of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

    "I believe this is a recipe that will lead to our defeat sooner or later in Iraq," he said.

    "There's only one thing worse than an over-stressed army and marine corps, and that's a defeated army and marine corps."

    Sadly, our leaders may be forced to knuckle under to the whining. I can only speak for my view here in America. I see a bunch of people who so hate their nation, who are gleefully hopping up and down like small children in anticipation of causing the President to fail that they don't give a damn about the troops who fell in this war. They don't care about what the long term effect might be. I see a former President urging a sit down with a couple of lunatics, as if reasoning with madmen is feasible. I see the head of the corrupt, graft ridden UN urging the same thing. I respect John McCain immensely, he understands what it feels like when a certain section of your country turns it's collective backs on you. The same thing is happening now that happened in Viet Nam. Public opinion is setting the course. People who do not have access to the information global leaders have. People who don't have the logistic knowledge of how to fight a war. For my money, I don't want these people driving the boat, for it is sure to end up on fire, full of bullet holes and hitting the rocks.

    Simply put, certain groups have allowed their hatred to overrule their common sense and love for their country. There is a broader view here, but they refuse to see it. Instead of letting the Coalition of The Willing fight this war, it is being directed by the Coalition of Cowardice.

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    The lesson of Desert Storm is the importance of having a clear objective, meeting it with overwhelming force, and leaving when the objective is met. This lesson is the lesson that has been forgotten, if it was ever recognized, by the current President Bush. His invasion of Iraq was poorly conceived, as are the conditions for leaving.

    Britain followed America through the Gates of Hell. In doing so, they did what no other nation has done: repaid the debt owed for America's help during WWII. For this Blair, and Britatin, deserve nothing but praise from Americans.

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    Your history is mistaken: The strategic goals of the 1991 gulf war were achieved. Overthrowing the Hussein regime was not a mission objective.

    Without more international support and more troops on the ground in Iraq, I'm afraid those sacrifices will be made in vain whether the U.S. and its allies pull out or not.

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  • josh m
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    It's not them that is the liberal Dems trying to pull out it's all political to them Bush & Blair want to take care of the business at hand . No doubt they remember evrey day the lives lost.

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    Military personnel must be given honors after the service in foreign combat duties especially when they are killed. Full military honors must be rendered to the soldiers for supreme sacrifice in exchange for their family and personal satisfaction.

  • paki
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    they dont want to leave, its the people pressure, liberals and democrats in america are to blame

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