Waht is K?

In advertisements the salary is mentioned as 20K-30K. What is the exact meaning of K. I know K means Thousand. What is K??

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    Meanings for K

    * In accounting and investment banking, K = 1000 (similar to the use in the SI system below).

    * In astronomy,

    o K stands for an orangish class of stars in the Morgan-Keenan system.

    o K is a provisional designation prefix for any comet, asteroid, or minor planet discovered between May 16 and 31 of a year.

    o in infrared astronomy, the K-band is the region around 2.2 µm wavelength.

    * In baseball, K is the abbreviation for a swinging strikeout. (A backwards K is the symbol for a "looking" strikeout in baseball scorekeeping.) The letter K is also commonly used, particularly in boxscores and other contexts that don't distinguish between swinging and looking strikeouts, to indicate a strikeout of any kind.

    * In biochemistry, K is the symbol for the amino acid lysine.

    * In Boolean algebra, a K-map is an abbreviation for a Karnaugh map.

    * In chemistry,

    o K is the symbol for potassium (from its Latin name kalium).

    o K is the symbol for the equilibrium constant.

    o k is the symbol for the reaction rate constant.

    o K is the symbol for temperature in degrees kelvin.

    * In chess, K is a notation symbol for the king piece.

    * In the CMYK color model, K stands for the color black.

    * In commerce, a circled K, Ⓚ, on a food product indicates kosher certification.

    * In combinatory logic of computer science, K is the name of a fundamental combinator, the constant function.

    * In computing,

    o K is a binary prefix meaning 210 = 1,024 (compare with use as a prefix in the SI system below).

    o K is an obsolete abbreviation for kilobyte (now kB or KB)

    o K also refers to the K programming language.

    * In Discordianism, a circled K, Ⓚ, indicates the material is Kopyleft

    * In economics, K is the abbreviation for capital.

    * In education, K is the abbreviation for kindergarten, as in K-12.

    * In engineering, K is an abbreviation denoting a kip (1k = 1000 pound force).

    * In English slang, K is an abbreviation for ketamine.

    * In film, K is a character played by Tommy Lee Jones in the films Men in Black and Men in Black 2

    * In film ratings, K means "content may be suitable for all ages."

    * In finance, K is the New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol for the Kellogg Company.

    * In Hong Kong slang, K is the abbreviation for karaoke.

    * In gold, K is the abbreviation for karat (in the American spelling).

    * In international license plate codes, K stands for Cambodia.

    * In internet slang, K stands for okay.

    * In law, K is a common abbreviation for contract.

    * In library science, K is the Library of Congress classification designation for books about law.

    * In logic, K is the simplest system of modal logic (K stands for "Kripke").

    * In mathematics, Kn denotes the complete graph on n vertices.

    * In the logistic model for population growth, K denotes carrying capacity.

    * In some motion picture rating systems, K means "content may be suitable for all ages."

    * In music, K. numbers identify the compositions of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the catalog compiled by Ludwig von Köchel (sometimes abbreviated K.V., standing for Köchel-Verzeichnis). K. numbers are also used to identify the compositions of Domenico Scarlatti in the catalog compiled by Ralph Kirkpatrick. K is also an album by Kula Shaker and an independent record company based in Olympia, Washington, co-founded by Calvin Johnson.

    * In nutrition, K is a vitamin which is essential in blood coagulation (or, as it is known in German, koagulation, thus the name).

    * In physics,

    o k is the symbol for the Boltzmann constant.

    o k is the symbol for the spring constant in Hooke's law.

    o k is In symbol for thermal conductivity.

    o k is the symbol for Wavenumber.

    * In a deck of playing cards, the letter K is used to mark each of the kings.

    * In politics, K refers to the Keskustapuolue (Centre Party of Finland), or to the politics and followers of President of Argentina Néstor Kirchner.

    * K can be short for the record label K Records.

    * As the first letter of a postal code,

    o In Canada, K stands for Eastern Ontario.

    * In radio,

    o the K band ranges from 12 to 93 GHz

    o the NATO K band ranges from 20 to 40 GHz

    * In radio communication

    o K is one of the ITU prefixes allocated to the United States. K is generally used as the first letter of callsigns allocated to broadcast television or radio stations west of the Mississippi river.

    o As a procedural signal, K means "go ahead" or "over".

    * In semiconductors, electronics, and physics, it is the symbol for the dielectric constant. See Low-K.

    * In the SI system (the metric system),

    o k is an SI prefix denoting 103 = 1,000 (one thousand). Consequently, the letter K can be used in spoken conversation to mean "thousand". Compare with use as a binary prefix in computing above. In the case of money, the notation $12k is used for $12,000, not k$12 or 12 k$.

    o K is the symbol for the SI base unit for temperature, the kelvin.

    * In Slang, K refers to the drug Ketamine

    * In World War II, K was the designation for Japanese Navy trainer aircraft.

    * In the work of Franz Kafka, the protagonist of The Trial is called Joseph K., and the protagonist of The Castle is called simply K.

    * K is usually the beginning letter in Applications designed for KDE, usually due to a deliberate misspelling (e.g., Konqueror)

    * crown

    * In Taiwan, "K書" (literally k the book) means read the book.

    * A character in the manga and anime, Gravitation.

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    You are right K = a thousand, 20 K = 20 thousand dollars

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    K is a prefix for any type of units. For example, 1KB is equal to 1000 bytes. K actually means 1000. So 20k to 30k means 20,000 to 30,000 dollars.

    However, in chemistry, K is a chemical symbol for potassium.

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    K is simply short for the prefix 'kilo', which means a thousand...

    kilometer = 1000 meters

    kilogram = 1000 grams


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    I think it's a latin word.

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    A thousand

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    1 thousand, a thousand, one thousand, 1000, m, k

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    yes it means thousand dollars a year

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    its shorthand for

    Main Entry: kilo-

    Function: combining form

    Etymology: French, modification of Greek chilioi

    : thousand <kiloton>

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    k is nothing its a figment of a guys imagination that he told some people and than thaytold some more people and than now we all no k as 1000

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