Diana Paxon wrote a book called "Brisingamen" in 1982. What was the next book?

This is a sequel to "Brisingamen," and I believe it was called "City of Angels," "Queen of Angels," or "City of Light," or somesuch, referring to Las Angeles. It had the same cast of characters.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No list of Paxton novels contains any book with a title even remotely similar to that. I read Brisingamen a long, long time ago, and don't recall any sequel. Most of her works are in series other than that one, the only real possibilities I see (can't find any info on these books, so I don't know if they fit) would be White Mare, Red Stallion (no I don't think that's it either), The Paradise Tree, or The Serpent's Tooth. Hope this helps.

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