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    These two cycles life, lead have a little a bitter brain, because the company meets some transfers,

    So I quitted, this worked I treated for a year, having a little unfortunately, the period end of the school tests cycle and goes to, I must hard, take didn't work at home recently, carry on the back some book much and much, increase the foreign language capability conveniently, because I test really to have a little bad, let a teacher down to also let an oneself down, wait for to expect an end to test to finish hereafter, at to find a work, hoping can find out oneself satisfaction of work.

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    上這個網站吧~翻什麼都滿準確的,我的公司很多主管都喜歡發英文mail ,但自從有了它之後,我就天不怕地不怕了,連sop都拿這個來寫,真的很好用。

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