What are the synonyms and antonyms for......?

1) warrens

2) titanic



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    1. i can't find sry

    2. Synonyms:barn door, behemothic, blimp, cyclopean, elephantine, enormous, gargantuan, giant, gigantic, humongous*, immense, jumbo, mammoth, monstrous, mountainous, mungo, super, titanic, vast, very large

    Antonyms:insignificant, Lilliputan, microscopic, minute, pocket-sized, small, tiny

    3. Synonyms:craziness, delusions, depression, derangement, disturbed mind, insanity, loss of mind, lunacy, madness, mania, mental disease, mental disorder, mental sickness, nervous breakdown, nervous disorder, neurosis, paranoia, personality disorder, phobia, psychopathy, psychosis, schizophrenia, sick mind, troubled mind, unbalanced mind, unsoundness of mind

    Antonyms:the opposite of the synonyms

    4. Synonyms:aflutter, afraid, aghast, agitated, anxious, apprehensive, diffident, discomposed, disquieted, disturbed, faint-hearted, frightened, goose bumpy, hesitant, intimidated, jittery, jumpy, lily-livered, mousy, nerveless, nervous, nervy, panicky, perturbed, phobic, pusillanimous, quivery, run scared, scared, shaky, sheepish*, shrinking, shy, skittish, solicitous, spineless, tense, timid, timorous, tremulous, uneasy, unmanly, weak-kneed, worried, yellow

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    Antonyms:bold, brave, confident, courageous, unafraid

    Source(s): thesaurus.reference.com
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    1) warrens SYN - dens ANT - ?

    2) titanic SYN - colossal, gargantuan ANT - miniscule, microscopic

    3)paranoia SYN - delusion ANT - well-adjusted

    4)tremulous SYN - trembling, shaky ANT - steady, smooth

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    1) warrens--burrows

    2) titanic--colossal

    3) paranoia--fearful

    4) tremulous--shaky

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