is it in the best interest of the children if the child is taken away placed in foster homes ?

that only wants the $$$ and treats the kids like sh-t ,or the foster parents molest them and just lets their kids treat the foster kids like punching bags oh the cps is so sorry they sliped through the crack .or we didnt catch that until it's too late

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    I do not think a child should be placed in family services unless the parents can not control the child or that the child is going to harm themself or others. And if the child is old enough to tell who is harming him/her then you need to get him or her the help that he needs to get out of that house..tell the kids to SPEAK UP and some one wil help him or her out.

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    Well there might be a good reason why the kids are taken away from the parents and the "system" always tries to reunite the parents and the kids. In my experience the foster parents that I have been around have been great for the kids and helped them live a much better life then they would've lived with the parents they had. Although they were all three unable to return to their parents they are now in their upper teens and for the most part doing good. Hope this helps you to see a different side of foster kids.

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    Yes it is,At the same time,the foster care agency should screen the potential foster care parents better.That doesn't make what those so called parents are doing,in fact it lowers what should be high standards of the agency.Sorry doesn't cut it.Their should be more strict guide lines on who can take in foster children,and there own children for that matter.My wife and i are foster care parents,and we made it a point to care for those children as we would our own.To give them a home that is safe,loving,and all though these children come with problems,we made it our mission to help them get past some of the wrong that has been done to them.Not to hurt them more than they have been all ready hurt.

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    Its never in the child's best interest when they are being abused in some way. Never should the child be abuse by no one, ever!!!

    I know there are some foster parents who take in children only for the money and it is so wrong. The children that are being abused should get a hold of someone in the school system and tell no matter what anyone else says. The children in foster care have their own case worker they should try to get a hold of that case worker as well.

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    It's never in the best interest of the children. All they want to do is make the state look good. If they are going to place children in these homes. They at least need to check out the foster homes thoroughly........oh, I forgot. That will cost the state more money!!!!

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    The only time a foster home should be considered is if it can provide a better living environment than the child's real home.

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    NO! Why would that be alright? Anyone knows the answer to that question.

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    well not if they are like that but there might be a reason and it might be

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