Should I get an MBA or JD when my goal is Chief Information Security Officer in Finance Company?

I am currently Head of all Information Security "Director of Information Security" at a Fortune 500 Company. I have 13 years of Security management and networking engineering background.

My goal is to be Chief Information Security Officer at Fortune 500 Finance Company or Info Security Exec leading security practice at a service or consulting company.

I am trying to decide between MBA or JD. And how much weight should I give to going to a top tier school like NYU? Or what about online/distance MBA from Purdure vs going to a tier 2 school.

I live in NYC.

Need to choose the path the gives me the best odds of reaching the goal

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  • Joe_D
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    Let's think it through...

    A finance company is a business. An MBA would help you talk the language of business, it would help you to understand how information technology and security are interwoven with other organizational and business systems, and it would help you interact with business people at a business level.

    What legalities do you anticipate you'd encounter as Chief? Unless you have a specific interest in the legal aspects of security, do you really need a JD to deal with them or could you collaborate with Counsel to address them?

    If you're torn between both, consider a joing MBA/JD degree. Such programs exist.

    Having a top tier school might impress a company and help you get an edge getting in the door, if you and a comparably skilled candidate were up for the same job. But what will keep you in the job is your good judgment and on-the-job performance.

    If you had to decide to hire either someone with an MBA from a top tier school with mediocre experience or someone with a degree from a second tier school but with a strong track record, whom would you hire?

    Good luck!

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