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World population?

If the world population continues to grow as it has been, is there a projected maximum number that it can sustain before it starts to decline?

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    If the world population continues to grow as it has been then the maximum population will be around 10 billion in 2050. After that population wil begin to fall rapidly and by 2150 the population will be aorund 4 billion.

    IOW your great grandchildren will live in a world with far few people than we have right now.

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    Actually, birthrates are dropping like a rock all over the world. The world health organization projects that the world population will peak at about 9 Billion in around the year 2100 and then start to slowly decline.

    I read somewhere that if the Sahara desert and the entire continent of Australia were intensively irrigated and farmed, that the earth could easily support 100 Billion people or more. But I certainly would not want to live in such a world. I would have left for Mars or Titan or even Alpha Centauri long before then.

    Actually, the Earth as a planet is sparcely populated, believe it or not. Over 2/3 of all humans live in a relatively narrow band of land within 500 miles of the sea coast stretching from Iran to Japan. The remaining 1/3 of us are scattered over the rest of the globe. This is certainly not overcrouded, in my humble opinion, of course.

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    about 10,000,000,000 I believe.

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    Yes, and it will be really, really big.

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