Is King Arthur real?

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    King Arthur is an important figure in the mythology of Great Britain, where he appears as the ideal of kingship both in war and peace. He is the central character in the cycle of legends known as the Matter of Britain. There is disagreement about whether Arthur, or a model for him, ever actually existed. In the earliest mentions and in Welsh texts, he is never given the title 'King'. An early text refers to him as a dux bellorum ('war leader'), and medieval Welsh texts often call him ameraudur ("emperor"; the word is borrowed from the Latin imperator, which could also mean "war leader").

    A number of identifiable historical figures have been suggested as the historical basis for Arthur, ranging from Lucius Artorius Castus, a Roman officer who served in Britain in the 2nd century; Roman usurper emperors like Magnus Maximus; and sub-Roman British rulers like Riothamus, Ambrosius Aurelianus, Owain Ddantgwyn and Athrwys ap Meurig

    The origin of the name Arthur is itself a matter of debate and is very much connected to the debates concerning his historicity. Some, like the above, see it as derived from the Latin 'Artorius', a Roman family name meaning 'plowman' which became 'Arturius', among other variants, in Roman inscriptions.[citation needed] The 5th to 6th century Welsh art (arth is a later form) means 'bear'. Thus, theories for the Welsh origin of the name Arthur have been proposed. One has art + ur, 'man of the bear' or 'bear-man', thus giving us Artur. Also, the Latin form of Arthur appears as Arturus in the earliest writings, never Artorius. The supposition of the Latin '-us' could suggest the original name was the Welsh Artur. Yet "Artorius" in its later forms when pronounced in Celtic languages could have yielded "Arthur" as well as "Arturus", both of which forms do occur in the medieval literature.

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    Is he? No.

    Was he? The legend of King Arthur may very well have been real. Stories from the olden days were often handed down from generation to generation and those tales used by writers as the backbone for their books.

    However, no one has been able to offer any conclusive proof that a real, historical, human King Arthur ever existed in any incarnation or by any name.

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    Probably not. The is no solid, reliable record proving that a King named Arthur ever ruled in the British Isels; that said, he seems to ba an amalgam of several personalities from roughly the same time period. That said, he is important as the embodiment of all the qualities the British character that they hold dear, as well as being a model of the ideal brave and just warrior-king.

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    Yes, King Arthur was a real man but, just like most legions the true story is lost and needs to be pieced back together...

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    it relatively is achievable that the mythical Arthur, linked with the Welsh legends of the tenth century, is predicated on the historic discern who commanded a British stress against the Saxons. in accordance to the ninth-century historian Nennius, this Arthur defeated the Saxons at Mount Badon in 518 and died at Camlan in 537. the genuine Arthur might have been a guy named Ambrosius Aurelianus, or in line with probability his war chief, who defeated the Saxons in a substantial conflict all of us know as Mount Badon, (that would in all probability be South Cadbury, in Somerset) halting their develop for as long as 40 years. interior the tip, besides the shown fact that, the better might and numbers of the Saxons and their allies have been too lots for the islanders, and Arthur's efforts grew to alter into little extra effective than a historic footnote. A terrifically romantic and interesting footnote although, for Arthur and his deeds have been woven like a silk thread into the fabric of fantasy and legend wherein Celtic storytellers delight.

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    Yes, a real king, but most of the legend about him is legend.

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    Possibly. They speculate that the knights where from sarmatia (near Parthia, go to the wikipedia for more information).

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    no, he's a myth. How many times do I have to explain.

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    define real

  • 1 decade ago

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