Why are senior citizens STILL allowed to drive without being re-tested?

I can't tell you how many accidents I avoid per week due to senior citizens on the road driving during the day and not paying attention to where they are going. And to top it off, they think seniority grants them a free pass, and of course are always right. In fact, last week I was *parked* in a parking lot and nearly got slammed into by an old lady who wasn't paying attention to what she was doing. Later I spotted her in Dunkin Donuts and she yelled at me that I should not be allowed on the road. Infuriating! They can do NO WRONG!!

So my question is what on earth is taking so long for a law to be passed that requires senior citizens to be re-tested for their license?

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    It is dangerous, but you have to realize that if you remove their ability to drive, they would not be able live independently. Its an matter of which is the lesser of two evils, dangerous elderly drivers, or elders not able to take care of themselves.

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    Because they feel that if they have to give up the right to drive they will lose their independence, plus add to the fact that they get exemptions from DMV even if they are legally blind (doctors note).Insurance companies charge higher rates for teen drivers so they should do the same for drivers over the age of 70.

    Either that or DMV should institute a new exam to test senior drivers, to test their reflexes and overall judgmental ability.

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    I agree- this has come up several times in states and it always ends up that it would be discrimination- no it's not- it's a fact that elderly physical and mental abilities deteriorate at a faster rate than younger people- they should be tested more frequently- being PC is going to cause more preventable deaths and injuries

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    I just "love" when grannies are driving 35mph on 55mph speed limit, how well are floating on the roads, I also "love" when they get of of their parking driving those ships, they would make sure they hit the car in the back and the car in the front. I hope and pray for them to pass the law. I would drive them voluntarily to stores and doctors.

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  • jessee
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    4 years ago

    relies upon on what you advise with the help of "Senior electorate" ? i do no longer think of there is any particular age for that? i'm additionally horrified to determine human beings of their 80s or perhaps 90s who stress and are patently very shaky and frail. i'm sixty seven interior the united kingdom and have a three year limited licence after sixty 5 I might desire to fill in a self statement of wellbeing.

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    1 decade ago

    Because they call it age discrimination.

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