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Cheapest Transfer from O'Hare to Midway?

What would be the cheapest way to get from O'Hare to Midway Airport? Taxi, Train, Airport Shuttle? I have 4 hours in between my flights so I should have plenty of time. I arrive on a sat evening also so I know traffic will be an issue. Also please explain in detail any advice that you give. Ive never been outside of the ORD airport before. Thank you!

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    dear friend

    at o'hare airport, go to the nearest information desk for rta/cta train schedules and have the person at desk point you in the direction of cta(chicago transit authority) train station. from there:

    1. take cta blue line train south bound.

    2. arrive at downtown clark/lake junction. it's called blu/brn/grn/orn/prp/pnk jxn.

    3. take cta orange line train clockwise. the train should say midway airport.

    4. arrive at midway airport and walk to the terminals.

    5. total travel time should be about 1 hour or so.

    6. total fare along with transfer should be around 2 dollars.

    7. any questions:

    cta/rta 1312 836 7000




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    yeah, definitely take the subway. Just follow the signs when you get off the plane to the CTA station. You'll have to add money to your card, so you might want to grab some cash. Stick your ticket in, jump on the train (just one). Get off at Clark/Lake. Then there will be signs with different colors. Follow the sign to the orange line. Make sure you are on the side of the track that says to midway. If you are unsure, just ask. Everyone is really friendly in my experience. And be sure that you get on the train that says orange. Then hop on and enjoy the ride on both trains. You'll get to see alot of the city and it is very safe at all hours. I've taken my father and my sister from the airport to downtown many times. A cab is a waste of money in my opinion. It's just really safe.

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    Blue line to downtown then transfer to the Orange line. There is a free transfer point at the Clark and Lake stop where you can go from one line to the other without paying twice, which would make the total trip $2. The Blue line will be underground at that point, so you have to go upstairs to the Orange line elevated train. Not sure how long it would take though. The trip from O'Hare to downtown has to be at least 45 minutes, and the trip from downtown to Midway should be equally as long. Either way, four hours to kill should be plenty of time. And you'll get to see a lot of the city that way from the windows of both trains. Consider it a sightseeing trip.

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    Depends on what time you're going. Train is the best bet. Take the Orange Line at Midway and transfer to the Blue Line which will take you directly to O'Hare. Travel time is approx. 30-40 minutes.

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    Take the Blue line (L-train) to downtown to Clark/Lake Station and tranfer (free) to Orange line to Midway (end of the line). Will cost you $2 and take about 1.5 hours or just under that.

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    i would grab a cab to play it safe

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