How can I restore my dignity? I'm sure you could help.?

I went calling the guy I like crying on the phone saying I'm in love with him. I've been told that I shouldn't have done that coz I looked pathetic and it's very unattractive and that based on the guy's response, he seems to be irritated at my approach. That I came on too strong that just because I'm in love with him doesn't mean he owes me a relationship. That I looked pathetic and I had no self-esteem.

I know I'm wrong. I shouldn't have done it. People said I should go see a therapist due to my behavior and what I did to him and that I had self-esteem issues.

I might have lost a friend in the guy I like. What should I do? He hates me now. I'm going to see him again tonight coz there's this party he and I are both invited to. How should I act around him tonight? Should i keep a distance and ignore him?

Sorry, I asked a lot of questions. It's just that my crying to this guy last week very much affected me.

I apologized to him.

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    some people hate that,

    I don't.

    When someones comes to me crying I love helping them, I just do.

    Even if it were for a reason like that. He knows he doesn't owe you a relationship, you don't need to see a therapist damnit im sick of people saying that, people have emoitions therapists dont need to ******* take that away.

    Look at it this way, he knows you like him now, he'll think about it if he starts to get more attracted to you.

  • m c
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    See him face to face in front of a lot of people, start laughing out loud and say, I am sorry, I had a few to many that night and thought I had dialed the number of my boyfriend in (another town)and later when I realized it was you, I felt so stupid, but now I think it is funny. ( Keep laughing.) Then say , Sorry man. I have learn my lesson, should have drink only two drinks instead of ten. (all the time just keep laughing) Then walk away and out of sight (laughing) . Everytime he looks at you, starting laughing again. I did something sort of like you did one time, hated myself later, but the laughing, had all calling him a jerk before the night was over.

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    What you did was wrong but its good that you have realized your mistake. When u get to the party act normal, mingle with other people, say hi to him if you cross paths. Appear happy and have a good tyme.

    In future never ever do that again, no one is worth it. No one shud make u cry over them on phone delcarign your love for them.

    Source(s): was there one tyme, he tried to break with me and i begged him to stay later long i came to my senses and stopped and ignored him adn he si the one who came beging me to get back to him, ofcoz i refused coz i realized i was being driven by emotions rather than brains.
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    Is going to the party worth the heartache and pain? What if he brings along someone else. Your self esteem is gone, your heart is hurting and you feel like a fool. Why even bother to go there? Unless you enjoy pain. Give yourself a couple of weeks to mourn...then try going to a party.

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    This is for the poster ej w - get out of yahoo answers trying to hawk your crap buddy. This girl has a problem and doesn't need that kind of BS.

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    You should have said you were drunk and didnt know what you were saying.

    Yeah you screwed yourself over hunny sorry but once you spook a guy there is really no going back.

    uh good luck with that though

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    just ignor him for now act like nothing happen and if someone asks just say you were having emotional problumes that day and you dont really love him just pretend for now and let things cool off maybe get with another guy for now

  • combs
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    ahh thats awful and awesome at the same time us houldnt have done that to him but i dont see whats wrong with it i wish my girlfriend did that to me thats the girly atttude i usually hate but back to your question i dont think u should distance yourself still work up to me still explain to him if he is mad at u then he is not worth u anywayz,find someone thats apprieciates u

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    1 decade ago

    you did not look pathetic it was very sweet of you to open up to him dont apologize for haveing a heart

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    i would say go up to him and say your sorry if you did something wrong and explain you wernt yourself that day and since hes a guy i say bullshit his feelings were hurt unless hes a p*ssy. trust me he dosnt hate you cause he probally forgot what happend and didnt even give a damn so there you go.

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