What do people do in the past in Hollywood Road?

Please take it serious and give real answers! Thank you very much!! = ]

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    More than 100 years ago, Hollywood Road was rather close to the coastline, compared to the current position.. It was the first road to be constructed in the crown colony of Hong Kong.

    In those days, foreign merchants and sailors would put up the antiques and artefacts they "collected" from China for sale here on their way back to Europe. This is how Hollywood Road began its role as an antique market. In early 1960s there was a celebrated Hollywood movie called The World of Suzie Wong whose shooting was taken part in Hollywood Road. An old wood-built building was re-constructed as a bar for the movie scene.

    Union Church

    There was a Union Church in the street founded in 1844 by the Reverend James Legge, a Scottish missionary who had been sent to Hong Kong in 1843 by the London Missionary Society. The first Union Church was built in 1845 on Hollywood Road above Central. Every Sunday an English language service was held in the morning and a Chinese language service in the afternoon. The Church was later relocated to a new site on Staunton Street.

    Man Mo Temple

    Man Mo Temple or Man Mo Miu (文武廟) is a commonly sort of temple worshipping the Man Tai (文帝), Pau Kung and Mo Tai (武帝), Kwan Yu, to pray for good results in examinations in China. The one on the Hollywood Road was built in 1847. It has been managed by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals since 1908.

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